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176McAlister, Jack. Effective Communication.
Presents comments on the necessity of using the mass media to communicate the gospel effectively.
177McCartney, Hunter P. Academic Public Relations Curricula: How They Compare with the Bateman-Cutlip Commission Standards.
178McCleneghan, J. Sean, & Marcus, Mary. Benefits in the Newsroom: A National Study of Specific Working Conditions for Women Reporters.
179McKeen, William. Justice William Brennan's Struggle with Obscenity Law: The Evolution of Supreme Court Doctrine, 1957-1973.
180Maccoby, Eleanor. Why Do Children Watch Television?
181Marks, Joe. A Survey of Michigan Television News Directors and Their Usage of Michigan State University's Agricultural Information.
A study designed to determine the potential usage of Michigan State University's agricultural information program by Michigan's commercial television news directors in their newscasts.
182Martin, Ralph K., O'Keefe, Garrett J., & Nayman, Oguz B. Opinion Agreement and Accuracy Between Editors and Their Readers.
A study of the perceptions editors have of their readers and vice versa, and how these perceptions affect the behavior of editors and readers toward each other, particularly with respect to the editor's handling of news stories. 1972.
183Martin, L. John. The Media's Role in International Terrorism.
184Marzolf, Marion. The American "New Journalism" and the Europeans.
185Mladen. Letter Excerpts From Mladen.
186Merrill, John C. "The Free Flow of News": Tackling the Semantic Problem.
187Middleton, Robert M. Decision Making.
188Miller, Gerald R., & Bettinghaus, Erwin P. On An Empiricist View of Rhetoric.
189Miller, Gerald R. On Defining Communication: Another Stab.
190Miller, Gerald R. Operationism in Communication Research.
191Mindak, William A. The Advertiser Looks At Radio...Again!
192Mowlana, Hamid. Middle East Mass Communications: Selected Information Sources.
193Modernizing Styles of Life: A Theory.
194Mundt, Whitney R. Louisiana's Lynch Law: The Curious History of a Punitive Statute.
Reviews the short history behind an act repealing a portion of Louisiana's defamation law.
195Murphy, James E. Rattling Journalism's Outmoded Cages: New Journalism in Old Newsrooms.
195National Institute of Mental Health. Television and Behavior: Ten Years of Scientific Progress and Implications for the Eighties.
196Niehoff, Arthur. Cross Cultural Diffusion of Technology.
This paper presents the principal potential influences in the process of cross-cultural change and suggests a series of guidelines to follow which might cause this transference of technology to occur more easily in small communities.
197Ossman, R. Thomas. A Non-Biased Conceptual Model and its Effect on Understanding the Cross-Cultural Transfer of Technology.
235Overstreet, Charles William. Advertising Practitioner's Ethical Decision-Making: The Utilitarian Viewpoint.

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