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155Keating, Jr., Charles H. The Report That Shocked the Nation.
156Keith, Robert F, & Rogers, Everett M. Phase II Concepts: Definitions and Suggested Measurement.
This is a working paper intended to aid in the operationalization of Phase II (of the MSU-USAID Diffusion Project) modernization variables by the research staff in each country. It provides a definition of the concept, a description of the variable's relationships with other variables, includes suggested measures of the concepts and provides references for further details.
157Kelley, Harold H. Communication in Experimentally Created Hierarchies.
158Kerrick, Jean S. The Influence of Captions on Picture Interpretation.
320Kiatsaveekul, Vichai, & Vongsurakrai, Rajnikul. Nonverbal Communication.
159Kivlin, Joseph E. Correlates of Family Planning in Eight Indian Villages.
160Kliesch, Ralph E. News Media Presence and Southeast Asia.
A study which looks at four neighboring Southeast Asia countries, the presence of all foreign news media in each, and the nation's own journalistic outlook on the rest of the world. 1980.
161Kmenta, Jan. Economic Theory and the Transfer of Technology.
This paper considers the problem of the transfer of technology on the international level, and, in particular, the problem of the flow of technical knowledge from advanced to under-developed countries.
162Koepke, Jens. The Legal Status of Reporter Privilege in Texas.
163Kristiansen, Connie M., Fowlie, Gary, & Spencer, Susan J. Britain's Broadcast Coverage of Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.
A study analyzing the reporting of Russia-related news items by the British media from the perspective of what events were stressed and how they were presented during a selected time period. 1982.
164Lamoreux, Stephen. The Right of Privacy--A Bibliography; 71 Years--1890-1961.
A bibliography of the developments in the "right of" privacy and the "right to" privacy acts.
165Lawrence, Carl W. Communication Barriers.
166Leathers, Dale G. Orientations to Researching Communication.
167Lee, Alfred M., & Humphrey, Norman. An Incident From the Detroit Race Riot.
168Lent, John A. Mass Media in Latin America--Bibliographies.
169Lentz, Richard. The Resurrection of the Prophet: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the News Weeklies.
170Lewels, Francisco J. A Comparison of Anglo and Mexican-American Mass Communication Majors' Attitudes Toward the Mass Media.
Discusses the results of the factor analysis of 30 Q-sorts, administered to an equal number of Anglo and Mexican-American mass communication majors at the University of Texas at El Paso, which shows a difference in attitudes based on ethnicity.
171Lin, Nan. Communication of New Ideas in Organizational Structures--Ministry of Education in Thailand.
This paper defines some critical terms and discusses the problems of conceptualizing the process by which new ideas and practices are introduced into formal organizations.
172Literary Digest. 1936 Poll.
173Ludwig, Merritt C. Hard Words and Human Interest: Their Effects on Readership.
A report on the relationship between the vocabulary difficulty and the amount of human interest within a story and the readability of the material.
174Lumsdaine, A. A., & May, M. A. Mass Communication and Educational Media.
175Lyle, Jack. Attitude Measurement in Communication Research.

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