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271East Europe Mass Communication.
101Elliott, Kim Andrew. World News Coverage of U.S. and International Broadcasters.
This article discusses whether international radio stations can add significant additional world news coverage to the domestic news already being broadcast. 1983.
102Ervin, Jr., Sam J. The President and the Press.
103Ethical Standards of Psychologists.
104Faculty Senate Sub-Committee: Department Heads.
105"Fair Trial vs. Free Press"--Selected Readings.
106Farm Foundation and Federal Extension Service Cooperating. Adopters of New Farm Ideas: Characteristics and Communications Behavior.
107Federal Communications Commission Radio-TV Regulations Notebook.
108Feliciano, Gregorio M., & Flavier, Juan M. Rural Waste Disposal: A Search for an Approach.
This paper gives the results of an attempt to evolve an approach to the problem of rural waste disposal among farmers in the Philippines.
109Festinger, L. Cognitive Dissonance.
Explains the theory of Cognitive Dissonance and shows its application to specific situations.
110Finley, James. German, Venezuelan TV.
221Flesch, Rudolph. Flesch Readability Formula.
A file of materials giving instructions in the application of the classic Flesch Readability formula, which makes use of variables such as short words, short sentences, human interest words, personal words, etc. in prose writing.
111Follow-Up Article on Florida Study.
112Fortner, Robert S. The Depths of Depression: Sin and Salvation as Seen by the Radical Press, 1930-1939.
113Fowler, Gilbert L. The Research Methods Course at the Master's Level: An Examination of Course Content, Course Requirements, and Teacher Characteristics.
114Foxwell, Phil. One Man's Barbecue is Another Man's Uncle.
115Foy, Eddie, & Harlow, Alvin F. The Iroquois Theater Fire.
116Frazer, Charles F. Values in Prime Time Alcoholic Beverage Commercials.
117Fuchs, Douglas A. Election Day Radio-Television and Western Voting.
118Gieber, Walter. News is What Newpapermen Make It.
119Giffard, C. Anthony. Inter Press Service: News from the Third World.
120Goff, David H. Evaluation of Televised Political Advertising by Urban and Non-Urban Voters.
A study which examines the attitudes of voters toward political advertising. 1976.
121Goodyear, F. H., & West, Alan. Toward an Organizational Framework for Cross-Cultural Communication: Some Bibliographic Definitions.
Focuses on a major problem for scholars of cross-cultural communication: the absence of standardized definitions and an accepted organizational pattern. 1976.
122Greenberg, Bradley S., Brinton, James E., & Farr, Richard S. Diffusion of News About an Anticipated Major News Event.
123Greenberg, Bradley S. The Content and Context of Violence in the Mass Media.
124Gerbner, George. Toward a General Model of Communication.
125Green, Aubrey. "Learning Assistance Center" Activities--SuperLearning, Learning Styles, Special Projects--Impact upon Students.
126Greenberg, Bradley S., & Dominick, Joseph R. Television Usage, Attitudes and Functions for Low-Income and Middle-Class Teenagers.
A study to describe the use of the mass media by urban teenagers from low-income and middle-class families, and to explore their attitudes toward the media.
127Guimaraes, Lytton. Matrix Algebra in the Analysis of Interpersonal Diffusion of Ideas.
Presents a review of the diagrammatic approach, and the use of matrices to trace out interconnections within a group structure. 1968.

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