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220Dale, Edgar, & Chall, Jeanne S. A Formula for Predicting Readability.
An article discussing the use of the Dale-Chall formula for predicting the readability of material, along with directions for its use.
58Davis, B. E. ACU Parents Survey, August, 1986.
59Davis, B. E. "Administrative Comm."
A special consultative report presented to the administration and staff of Abilene State School in 1977, dealing with organizational communication problems, with recommendations for overcoming them.
60Davis, B. E. A Comparative Analysis of the Survey of Current ACU Students and the Survey of Current and Recent Parents of Students.
61Davis, B. E. The Effectiveness of Advertising in a Liquor Referendum.
A study following a local option liquor election of the attitudes of the public toward selected newspaper advertisements used by various groups in the campaign. 1976.
62Davis, B. E. Financial Preference Survey in Behalf of Citizens National Bank, Abilene, Texas.
A survey sponsored by Citizens National Bank of Abilene to determine customer attitudes toward the financial institutions in the city of Abilene. 1977.
63Davis, B. E. Survey of Attitudes of Students and Faculty of Abilene Christian University Toward Daily Chapel.
64Davis, B. E. "A Frank and Honest Evaluation": A Talk Presented at the Faculty Pre-Session Conference, Abilene Christian University, August 28, 1985.
65Davis, B. E. Citizens for a Better Community Survey. Advertised 1976.
66Davis, B. E. The Effect of the Interviewer Upon the Reliability and Validity of Public Opinion Polls.
67Davis, B. E. Citizens National Bank Survey No. 2.
68Davis, B. E. Citizens National Bank Survey, Fall, 1976.
69Davis, B. E., Jain, Nemi, & Saxena, Anant. A Discussion Note on Niehoff's Paper.
70Davis, B. E., Faubus, Overton, & Rudolph, Charles. Management and Human Relations Program Evaluation.
 Davis, B. E. Talk on Nigerian Research.
71Davis, B. E. "News Management": A Pragmatic Modification of an Idealistic View of the Press.
Represents "news management" as a necessary practice of news editors to help audiences sift through a myriad of possible news stories and media information available for reporting on any given day, and find the more interesting and significant information. 1967.
72Davis, B. E. Radio Listening Habits of Abilene, Texas, March, 1971.
A study conducted in behalf of KWKC radio in Abilene; presents the results of a combination telephone and personal interview survey of the radio listening preferences and habits of a randomly selected sample of residents in Abilene, Texas. Includes tabulations, interview schedule, and discussion of implications.
73Davis, B. E. Pay-TV: Its Problems and Promises.
74Davis, B. E. Sensationalism in the Mass Media.
Gives brief historical background on research done on sensationalism, as well as current trends and views toward the subject, in newspapers, movies, magazines and books. 1967.
75Davis, B. E. York College Research.
76Davis, B. E. Improving Intraorganizational Communications in 4-H Club Work.
77Davis, B. E. Rigidity Within a Formal Organization as a Correlate of Perceived Tolerance for Non-Conformity.
78Davis, B. E. Talks on Communication.
79Davis, B. E. A Survey of Recent Graduates of Abilene Christian University.
80Davis, B. E. Research Questionnaire for Former Students of Management and Human Relations Program at Abilene Christian University.
81Davis, B. E. ACU Alumni Survey, Fall, 1986.
82Davis, B. E. Ethics Survey, March, 1986.
84Davis, B. E. An Analysis of the CIRP Study of Incoming Freshmen at Abilene Christian University.
85Davis, B. E., & Lewis, Michael L. Statistical Data for Prospective Jurors in Palm Beach, Florida.
86Davis, B. E. Liquor Referendum Advertising.
86Davis, B. E., & Lewis, Michael L. A Survey of Prospective Jurors in Palm Beach, Florida.
87Davis, B. E. A Comparative Analysis of the Survey of Current ACU Students and the Survey of Current and Recent Parents of Students.
89Davis, B. E. Evaluative Analysis of the Survey of 1985-86 High School Graduates Conducted by the Gallup Organization, Inc.
90Davis, B. E. Computer Analysis. "An Analysis of the Attitudes and Opinions of the for KTAB Television, Abilene, Texas."
91Davis, B. E. A Survey of the Attitudes and Opinions of the Parents of Current and Recent Students of Abilene Christian University.
92Davis, Junetta. Sexist Bias in Eight Newspapers: A Content Analysis.
A comparative analysis of sexual bias in eight newspapers during a given time period.
93DeCamp, Otto. Communicating to the Conditioned Mind.
40Definitions and Measures of Concentration and Consensus.
52Department of Communication, Michigan State University. Codebook for Data from Two Colombian Peasant Villages: Pueblo Viejo and La Canada.
Codebook for data from the two Colombian peasant villages, Pueblo Viejo and La Canada, showing how the variables were to be coded and entered on IBM cards.
94Deutschmann, Paul J., & Borda, Orlando Fals. Communication and Adoption Patterns in an Andean Village.
95Deutschmann, Paul J., & Danielson, Wayne A. Diffusion of Knowledge of the Major News Story.
96Deutschmann, Paul J. The Journal of Communication: The Sign-Situation Classification of Human Communication.
97Deutschmann, Paul J. Programa Interamericano De Informacion Popular: A Machine Simulation of Information Diffusion in a Small Community.
98Deutschmann, Paul J. The Mass Media in an Underdeveloped Village.
An analysis based on the assumption that certain existing characteristics of individuals and communities prepare them to receive mass communication, and that upon receiving these messages certain changes in knowledge, beliefs, aspirations and behavior occur which parallel the historical development of mass media in the United States and other modern countries. 1963.
99Dodd, Carley H., & Payne, Kay E. Perception of Time and Cross-Cultural Communication: The Effects of Culture and Sex on Time Concepts Between Black and White Children.
Research which investigated the differential effect of culture and sex on concepts of historical past, personal past, present, future, and total time among five year old kindergarten children. 1976.
100Duncan, Phillip A. Slovo--A Russian Periodical That Helped Kindle the Revolution.
The history of a short-lived but trailblazing Russian periodical that helped spread the gospel of Zolaism and Marxism in the late 1890's. 1982.

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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