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321Wagar, Warren W. Looking Back on '1984'. 1984.
A reprint of an article carried in the January-February 1984 issue of Consumer's Digest, in which Wagar compares the predictions and prophecies made in Orwell's 1984 with the current world situation, and notes that Orwell's book was only one of many published during the period which either predicted dire developments in the future, or depicted an idealized, Utopian society.
322Wallace, J. M. Psychological Concepts Relevant within Formal Organizations.
323Ward, W. H., & McMahon, R. S. A Report on Radio and Television Listening in the Lafayette Area. 1956.
This is a report on a study to determine the status of WBAA program listenership, as well as radio and television listenership in the greater Lafayette area and outlying Tippecanoe County, and to make comparisons between WBAA's audiences with those of other radio and television stations in general.
324Weaver, David H. & Buddenbaum, Judith M. The Press and Government Restriction: A 13-Year Update of a Cross-National Study.
325Wein, Harold H. Planning and Economic Progress of Under-Developed Countries.
326Westley, Bruce H., & MacLean, Jr., Malcolm S. A Conceptual Model for Communications Research.
327Westley, Bruce H., & Severin, Werner J. Some Correlates of Media Credibility.
328White, David. The Gatekeeper: A Case Study in the Selection of News.
329Williams, Katherine A. The Presentation of American Cultural Events in the Soviet Press (1977-1979).
330Wilson, Alfred. Survey Research Methods in Developing Nations: An Annotated Bibliography (First Revision).
331Winter, Thomas L., & Davis, B. E. A Survey of Prospective Juror Attitudes Regarding MBank Abilene.
332Wolff, Richard. Cross Cultural Communication.
333United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. World Population '84.
335World Press Review. Inside China (Reprints).
336World Press Review. The Soviets Today (Reprints).
337Wrolstad, Merald E. Adult Preferences in Typography: Exploring the Function of Design.
338Wycliff Bible Translators, Inc.: Brochures, Pamphlets, Etc.
339Yadav, Dharam P., & Rogers, Everett M. Interpersonal Communication in Innovation Diffusion.
340Zerbinos, Eugenia. Avoiding "Methodolatry" in Mass Communication Research: A Call for Multimethod Triangulation.
341Zipes, Jack. The Instrumentalization of Fantasy: Fairy Tales, the Culture Industry and Mass Media.

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