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# Author, Title
297Tannenbaum, Percy H., Jacobson, Harvey K., & Norris, Eleanor L. An Experimental Investigation of Typeface Connotations.
298Tannenbaum, Percy H. Effect of Serial Position on Recall of Radio News Stories.
299Test and Syllabus for Communication 820 (Fall, 1964).
300Thiessen, Abe. Communicating to the World Through Radio.
305Tomlinson, Don E. "Eyewash" and False Light Privacy Invasion: A New Legal Thicket May Loom as Local Television Journalism Becomes More Issues-Oriented.
301Trapp, Mary E., & McLuskie, Ed. Mass Communication as a Perspective on Human Communication: The Quandary of a Discipline.
302Troldahl, Verling C., & Robeck, George B. The Influence of Message Organization and Style Strategies on Comprehension and Decision-Making. 1965.
This paper reports the findings of the first of three experiments at Michigan State University which attempt to identify message strategies that writers can use to achieve certain effects with their messages.
303Troldahl, Verling C., & Jones, Robert L. Predictors of Newspaper Advertisement Readership.
304Troldahl, Verling C. Studies of Consumption of Mass Media Content.
306Tsang, Kuo-Jen. International News Agencies and Foreign News Coverage: A Theoretical Approach.
307Turner & Killian. Exerpts from "Collective Behavior".
308The Television Code.
309Two Historical Films--and the Status of Hong Kong.
310Turk, Judy VanSlyke, & Beard, Fred K. To Know Us is to Love Us: Do Public Relations Messages Really Make a Difference?
311TV Guide Magazine Series. America Out of Focus.
312TV Guide Magazine Series. TV and Your Child: In Search of an Answer.
313TV Guide Magazine Series. Television and the Troubled Campus.
314How Influential is TV News?
316Valkonen, Tapani. Individual and Structural Effects in Ecological Research.
317Vanocur, Sander. How the Media Massaged Me.
318Vasquez, Francisco J., & Paraschos. Perception of Adequacy of Foreign News Coverage.

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