Who teaches the class?

Diagram 1Instruction comes from three sources: the Supervising Professor, the Language Coordinator, and the Conversation Partner.

The first source is the Supervising Professor.  This person is an expert in the language to be studied, but may not necessarily be on campus.  S/He holds an advanced degree in the language you will be studying, and has put together a learning path or sequence for you.

The second source is the Language Coordinator.  This person is the expert in second language acquisition to whom you turn with questions about learning strategies, completing assignments, and building your e-Portfolio.  You can think of the language coordinator as a sort of coach, who manages the program for you.  S/He is the one who calculates the final class grade in consultation with the Supervising Professor.

The third source is the Conversation Partner.  This person is a proficient user of the language (i.e., a native speaker) with whom you will meet on a regular basis to practice using the language.  While a proficient user is not necessarily an expert, like the Supervising Professor, s/he will be able to guide you in using the language effectively in real-life situations.