Where does language learning take place?

Dialektos 2Language learning starts in the Lab, but really takes place on your own and in the Pod.

Members of several Pods meet once a week in the Language Learning Strategies Lab with the Language Coordinator.  In this lab you will learn how to use the language learning technology for the class (i.e., audio and video sample production, the use of the TellMeMore or BYKI software, etc.), along with general principles of linguistics and language learning strategies.

The language learning process, however, depends heavily on your initiative and self-discipline to study on your own.  You get to set some of the agenda and the objectives for learning the target language, but you also have the responsibility to study on your own and use the resource material provided by the Supervising Professor.  If this is not accomplished, the Pod Sessions will not be very productive.

Finally, you will meet three times a week in your Pod Sessions.  The Pod consists of you, your conversation partner, and three or four other learners of the same language who are more or less at the same level of proficiency.  While the Pod sessions are strictly for the practice and perfection of the language, you and the rest of your pod-mates are there to help each other learn the language.