The Dialekto method requires self-discipline.  In the traditional method, the tendency for most students is to come to class, let the instructor tell you what you need to learn, and then go practice the learned skills doing homework.  In the Dialektos method, you receive basic information from your Language Coordinator, and you practice what you’ve learned from the provided materials in the pod sessions.  Therefore, it is critical that the language learner be self-disciplined enough to study before coming to the pod sessions.

The Dialektos method requires team work skills.  In a regular class, it is easy to blend in with the crowd and become one more isolated student in a large group.  In the Dialektos Pod, however, you get to know your fellow Pod-mates much better, since the Pod consists of five language learners, at most.  This, in turn, promotes group work.  In a traditional class, the student relies on the instructor to give him or her all the tools needed success in the class.  When s/he gets stuck, s/he turns to the instructor for help.  In the Dialektos method, you must work through the material provided by the supervising professor on your own.  However, when you get stuck, you have the rest of your Pod for help.  Therefore, it is highly desirable for language learners to work well in a team.

The Dialektos method requires you to set and meet your own goals.  In a regular class, the instructor determines what the “average” student needs to learn based on how the “average” student might potentially use the language.  In the Dialektos method, you are provided a framework of basic language skill objectives, which you complement with your own objectives based on your own specific needs.  Once you identify these in consultation with your coordinating instructor, they are broken down into manageable “I can do…” objectives, and a timetable for completion is set.  It is then up to you to do what it takes to complete the tasks which demonstrate acquisition and mastery of the specific language skills.  Therefore, the Dialektos method works best for goal-oriented language learners.