National Surveys

The following is a list of national survey data in which ACU participates. To view data, an ACU faculty/staff login and password is required.

HERI:CIRP - Freshman Survey
Higher Education Research Institute: Cooperative Institutional Research Program
based at UCLA

2006 CIRP Institutional Summary
2007 CIRP Institutional Summary
2008 CIRP Institutional Summary
2010 CIRP Institutional Summary
2012 CIRP Institutional Summary

BCSSE - Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement
Measures entering students' precollege academic and co-curricular experiences.

2008 Institutional Report
2009 Institutional Report
2011 Institutional Report

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) - An internet survey to a random sample of Freshmen and Seniors during the spring semester

2009 NSSE Mean and Frequency Report
2010 NSSE Mean and Frequency Report
2011 NSSE Mean and Frequency Report
2012 NSSE Mean and Frequency Report
2013 NSSE Mean and Frequency Report

SSI -Student Satisfaction Inventory - Random sample of all ACU students.  Distributed and returned through selected courses in the Fall.

2005 & 2006
2010 & 2011
2011 & 2012
2011 & 2013

Wildcat Video Minute
Wildcat Video Minute
Combine a few hundred Wildcats, plenty of pens and post-it notes - What do you get? This month's Wildcat Video Minute takes a look at how the Student Alumni Association helped celebrate "I love ACU" day.
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