Honors Requirements

The Honors College at ACU exists to enable students to get the most out of their academic experience by creating the space for—and rewarding participation in—challenging intellectual work. This is achieved through three mediums: Honors sections of required lower-level classes, colloquia, and upper-level work in your major. By combining these in different ways, an Honors student can graduate with a choice of two distinctions: Honors Graduate, or Honors Scholar.


All Honors students complete the same lower-division requirements, which consist of 18 hours of lower-level Honors classes. Most lower-level Honors classes fit into General Education requirements; there are few extra courses. If the Honors classes offered do not fit into your schedule, we offer alternative options called “Honors Contracts,” which allow you to turn a regular class of your choice into Honors credit.


All Honors students take two colloquia: one-hour Honors classes on special topics taught by the most sought after professors on campus in their specific areas of interest.


Examples of 
Upper-Division Units:

  • Attending a conference 
  • Honors Travel Grant 
  • Leading a spring break campaign 
  • Internship 
  • Undergraduate Research Festival 
  • Publication of your work 
  • Officer in a student organization 
  • Shadowing a doctor
  • Honors Contract in 300-400 level course
  • Presenting research
  • Extra Honors classes or colloquia

Depending on which Honors distinction you pursue, you must complete either three (Honors Graduate) or five (Honors Scholar) upper-level units. To graduate as an Honors Scholar, an Honors Project Thesis must be completed in addition to the five upper-level units.

There is another Honors option for transfer students and students who begin Honors after freshmen year. This distinction is called Honors Associate Fellow. If you are a transfer student and are interested in investigating Honors, please contact the Honors College Academic Advisor for more information.

Study Snapshot: For a glimpse into Honors students’ engagement with courses, colloquia, visit the Honors College Blog.

Note: The information contained here represents a broad overview of the requirements necessary to graduate with an Honors distinction. If you are in Honors and need more information, please email Alison Spencer, the Honors Academic Coordinator, or call her at 325-674-2891.

If you are interested in more information about applying for or participating in the Honors College, please email Krista Toten, the Honors College Admissions Coordinator, or call her at 325-674-2728.

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Study America - Boston
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