Honors Studies Faculty

Stephen Johnson, D.Min., Th.D.
Dean of the Honors College
Associate Professor of Ministry, Graduate School of Theology

B.A., Abilene Christian University
M.S., Abilene Christian University
M.Div., Abilene Christian University
D.Min, Abilene Christian University
Th.D., Emmanuel College, University of Toronto

Phone: 325-674-2728
Email: stephen.johnson@acu.edu


Jason Morris Ed.D.
Associate Dean, Honors College
Director, M.Ed. in Higher Education
Associate Professor of Higher Education

B.A., Pepperdine University, 1994
M.A., Abilene Christian University, 1996
Ed.D., Texas Tech University, 2002


Kristina Davis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication and Honors Studies

B.A., Political Science, Abilene Christian University
M.A., Communication, Abilene Christian University
Ph.D., Communication, Texas A&M University, 2009

Phone: 325-674-2409
Email: kmc95i@acu.edu

Dr. Davis is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication and teaches many of our Honors communication courses. She recently completed her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Political Communication, with a specialization in Race and Gender Studies, from Texas A&M University.


Mark Cullum, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History and Honors Studies

B.A., Abilene Christian University, 1985
M.A., St. Andrews, Scotland
D.Phil., Oxford University, 2005

Phone: 325-674-2845
Email: mxc01e@acu.edu

First trained as a journalist, Dr. Cullum set out as a political cartoonist whose work appeared in USA Today, the New York Times and elsewhere. But the intellectual world kept calling, so he traded Alabama for England, earning his master's at St. Andrews and his D.Phil at Oxford. A joint faculty member in History and Honors Studies, he writes articles on St. Augustine, teaches on ancient cultures and Islam, rides a motorcycle, and migrates to Nashville every summer to catch up on Southern cooking.  


Chris Willerton, Ph.D.
Professor of English and Honors Studies

B.A., Texas Christian University, 1969
M.A., University of North Carolina, 1970
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1979

Dr. Willerton, former dean of the Honors College, is a professor of English and honors studies. He has published over 40 poems, written electronic hypertext, earned a black belt in Taekwondo and assisted with medical missions in Honduras. His research interest is the convergence of faith and literature. He and his wife Sharon, who teaches for the Abilene Intercollegiate School of Nursing, have three grown children. He has taught the HC humanities and social sciences courses, honors University Seminar and honors colloquia.

University Faculty Teaching in Honors

These professors hold appointments in the Honors College because of their creativity and versatility. They teach the interdisciplinary courses -- Honors Humanities, Honors Seminar in Social Sciences and Honors Colloquia -- as well as courses in their specialization.

William (Bill) Carroll, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English

B.A., Lipscomb University, 1993
M.A., Abilene Christian University, 1996
Ph.D., Marquette University, 2005

Phone: 325-674-2556
Email: william.carroll@acu.edu


Kyle Dickson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Director of the Digital Media Center

B.A., Abilene Christian University, 1993
M.A., Baylor University, 1996
Ph.D., Baylor University, 2001

Phone: 325-674-2263
Email: dicksonk@acu.edu


Houston Heflin, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Bible

B.S., Abilene Christian University, 1995
M.S., Abilene Christian University, 1997
Ed.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2004

Phone: 325-674-3714
Email: houston.heflin@acu.edu


David Kneip 
Instructor of Bible

A.B., Duke University, 1997
M.Div., Abilene Christian University, 2003
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Notre Dame



Andrew Little, J.D.
Assistant Professor, Business Law (Management Sciences)

B.A., Abilene Christian University, 1997
J.D., Texas Tech University School of Law, 2000

Phone: 325-674-2768
Email: andrew.little@acu.edu


Steven Moore, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English

B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1994
M.A., University of Nebraska, 1995
Ph.D., African-American literature, University of Nebraska, 2007

Phone: 325-674-2403
Email: steven.moore@acu.edu


Paul Morris, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics

B.S., Abilene Christian University
Ph.D., Texas Christian University

Phone: 325-674-2165
Email: morrisp@acu.edu


Mark Phillips, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Management

B.S., Abilene Christian University, 1988
M.S., Purdue University, 1989
Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, 2004

Phone: 325-674-2993
Email: mark.phillips@coba.acu.edu


Greg Powell, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry

B.S, Abilene Christian University, 1980
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1984

Phone: 325-674-2176
Email: powellg@acu.edu


Cynthia Powell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Honors Studies

B.S., Abilene Christian University, 1981
M.S., Texas A&M University, 1984
Ph.D., University of North Texas, 2010

Phone: 325-674-2176
Email: powellc@acu.edu


Lynette Sharp Penya, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communication
Director of Fundamentals of Communication Program 
and Speaking Center

B.A., Abilene Christian University, 1991
M.S., University of Illinois, 1993
Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1996

Phone: 325-674-2291
Email: penyal@acu.edu



Tracy Shilcutt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History

B.S., Abilene Christian University, 1980
M.A., Abilene Christian University, 1993
Ph.D., Texas Christian University, 2003

Phone: 325-674-2758
Email: tms01a@acu.edu


Trevor Thompson
Instructor of Bible

B.A., Bible & Ministry, Oklahoma Christian University, 1998
M.Div., New Testament, Harding Graduate School of Religion, 2002
M.A., New Testament,  Harding Graduate School of Religion, 2002
M.S., New Testament & Early Christian Literature, University of Chicago, 2007
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Chicago

Phone: 325-674-3704
Email: trevor.thompson@acu.edu


Wendell Willis, Ph.D.
Professor of Bible

B.S., Midwestern State University, 1965
M.A., Abilene Christian University, 1967
B.D., Vanderbilt University, 1969
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 1981

Phone: 325-674-3796
Email: willisw@acu.edu

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Study America - Boston
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