Degree Requirements

The M.A. in Old Testament is a 54-hour thesis program.  Students who have extensive preparation at the undergraduate level may apply the following upper-division courses (maximum of 18 hours) toward the 54-hour degree: 3 hours of upper-level Old Testament text, 3 hours of upper-level New Testament text, 6 hours of Greek, and 6 hours of Hebrew. Consult with an advisor.

Requirements for the Master of Arts in Old Testament are:

1. Core courses, 30 hours:         

        BIBL 610 Advanced Introduction to the Old Testament         

        BIBL 620 Advanced Introduction to the New Testament          

        BGRK 611, 612 Elementary New Testament Greek I, II          

        BHEB 671, 672 Introduction to Hebrew I, II          

        BHEB 681, 682 Intermediate Hebrew Readings I, II         

        BIBL 611 Old Testament Theology         

        BIBL 627 Biblical Exegesis

2. Old Testament text, 12 hours

3. New Testament text, 6 hours

4. Thesis, 6 hours

5. English Bible exam

6. Oral exam

     Application Deadline:
 Spring 2013
  • December 14, 2012

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