The New Testament track is a 48-hour thesis program designed to provide an advanced academic foundation in New Testament studies. Students will be expected to gain proficiency in appropriate exegetical tools and languages as well as a broad understanding of textual and theological issues. Specifically, students should be able to exegete and interpret a variety of New Testament texts and understand them within their larger theological contexts. Students who have extensive preparation at the undergraduate level may receive advanced placement (maximum 12 hours) toward this 48-hour degree.

All students in the M.A. program take a core of the following courses (27 hours):

6 hours of appropriate language
     BIBM 602 GST Orientation (0)
     BIBD 660 Systematic Theology I (3)
     BIBH 651 History of Christianity I: Early and Medieval (3)
     BIBH 652 History of Christianity II: Reformation to Present (3)
     BIBL 610 Critical Interpretation of the Old Testament (3)
     BIBL 620 Critical Interpretation of the New Testament (3)
     Thesis (6)
Requirements for the M.A. (New Testament) are (21 hours): 

     BGRK 621 Intermediate Greek (3)
     BGRK 623 Seminar in the Gospels (3) or BGRK 624 Exegetical Seminar in Acts (3)
     BGRK 625 Exegetical Seminars in the Epistles (3)
     BGRK 628 Seminar in New Testament Textual Criticism (3)
     BIBL 621 New Testament Theology (3)
     BIBL 662 Backgrounds of New Testament and Early Christianity (3)
     New Testament elective (3)

    Application Deadline:
Fall 2016
  • Aug. 12, 2016

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