Program Overview | Master of Divinity

Completion Time36 Months
Scheduling OptionsWeekly 3-hour classes M-Th;
Bi-semester Weekend Courses;
Online Courses;
Week long Short Courses

Admissions Requirements 
Look over the admissions requirements and then begin working through the admissions checklist in order to apply.

Financial Aid 
Almost every student can qualify for a substantial amount of financial assistance. 

Preparation for Ministry 
The M.Div. prepares students for a host of ministerial vocations [Link 4] including: Traditional congregational ministries, emerging ministries, global missions, social justice ministries, and teaching.

Contextual Education 
Contextual education is part of the MDiv that connects the classroom and real-world ministry, integrating theology in contemporary cultural contexts.

Learning Outcomes 
The MDiv produces learning outcomes in terms of increased proficiency in: understanding of contemporary culture and history, and development of leadership, care of souls, and character. 

Missions Track 
The missions track is designed for those who plan to evangelize domestically or abroad. It also equips students with advanced academic skills in preparation for doctoral work.

The MDiv Curriculum contains 72 hours of classes in:

  1. Context, 15 hours
  2. The Story of the Church, 24-27 hours:
  3. Interpretation, 21-24 hours
  4. The Church’s Mission, 12 hours

M.Div Equivalency 
Follow the link to find out more information about the MDiv equivalency if you: (1) have exceeded the maximum time limit allowed; (2) relocated before completing the degree and therefore taking courses from multiple institutions; (3) or completed the M.A. degree earlier but do not wish to do all the extra hours required to complete an additional M.Div. degree.

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