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Global City Mission Initiative (GCMI) is making disciples at the world’s crossroads. After years of missions experience, GCMI began in 2010 as a clear vision for making disciples in an age of globalization. We are focused on seeing lives transformed by God’s amazing grace experienced through encountering Jesus and seeing the Gospel of the Kingdom impact lives in global cities. We are committed to applying multiplication principles and prioritize investing ourselves in the development of people. We have two one-year options for serving with GCMI as a M.A.G.S. intern in New York City.

Learning Context

As the saying goes, If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Hands-on training in New York City affords the opportunity to engage a variety of cultures from all over the world. Every day, we interact with many nations sharing the same streets and encounter the forces of globalization, the reaction of postmodernism, the rise of post-Christendom, and the reality of urbanization. With hundreds of distinct ethnic groups making up the city’s population, some immigrant groups are unreached with few Gospel witnesses among them anywhere in the world, while a post-Christendom culture emerges side-by-side. Metro New York City presents a mosaic of opportunities for incarnational ministry in an indisputably global context. While secular and pluralistic worldviews dominant the cultural landscape, each neighborhood has its own unique feel.

Some quick facts about NYC:

Over 2 million Latinos, which is a larger Spanish population than several Latin American capitals, making Spanish an unofficial second language of the city. 
Over 2 million Jews, making NYC the largest Jewish population outside of Israel. 
Over 800,000 Muslims, making approximately one in ten New Yorkers a Muslim. 
Over 400,000 Hindus and 80,000 Sikhs, making NYC the largest Indian population in the U.S. 
Over 650,000 Chinese and 6 different “Chinatowns,” making NYC the largest Chinese population outside of Asia. 
Over 600,000 college students and nearly 60,000 international students, making NYC home to the largest number of college students in the United States. 
Economic diversity, with 1.7 million people below the federal poverty rate — but simultaneously hosting the most billionaires in the United States. 
The Bronx is the poorest urban county in the U.S., and a neighborhood in Manhattan has been rated the wealthiest zip code in America. 

Learning Options

Track 1: Equip Training

Global City Mission Initiative (GCMI) offers an opportunity to become involved in a collaborative one-year missions training program in New York City. Involvement in Equip training requires raising missionary support as full-time service. Working in partnership with NYC International Project, this experience is a dynamic and intensive full-time program that trains leaders to acquire specific skills for cross-cultural ministry and church multiplication. This hands-on missions training program develops ministry skills through practical experience.

Participants are involved in neighborhood outreach to an unreached people group, facilitate Bible studies with internationals, participate in house church, and are part of an Equip learning community sharing in weekly training sessions. While involved in hands-on ministry, each person has a mentor, each ministry team has a coach, and each training hub is lead by an experienced facilitator. In addition, there is a team of skilled trainers from various ministries offering a “toolbelt” of ministry skills and principles. Equip is a unique training opportunity involving multiple missions organizations. Every Equip training cycle begins August 1, and M.A.G.S. students may fulfill their internship credits while participating in Equip training. Online course work towards the M.A.G.S. degree is possible, but should be discussed ahead of time in conjunction with the training schedule. Interns desiring to benefit from Equip while pursuing a M.A.G.S. degree should consult both GCMI and their ACU advisor(s) in order to effectively meet the expectations of both programs concurrently.

Track 2: Neighborhood Ambassador

As an alternative, the Ambassador track is available to M.A.G.S. students who desire to serve as a one-year intern with Global City Mission Initiative (GCMI), but for various reasons cannot commit to full-time Equip training. The Ambassador track assumes that students must acquire either part-time or full-time employment with either partial or zero outside financial support. (Opting for partial outside financial support to supplement part-time employment is recommended, but options are negotiable.)

In this track, GCMI leadership and M.A.G.S. interns will negotiate a specific NYC neighborhood, and the intern will live in that community as an intentional Gospel ambassador. The internship will begin with a set of training modules giving participants a set of outreach skills to practice and introducing interns to missions principles intentionally applied by GCMI. During the year, the M.A.G.S. students will seek ways to serve people in their neighborhood; they will practice verbally sharing the Gospel in their NYC community and will participate with GCMI’s church planting network. Their primary focus during the year will be to serve a specific community, seek people receptive to the Gospel in that community, and seek opportunities to apply specific missions principles.


Dr. Jared Looney is director of Global City Mission Initiative (GCMI). He completed a bachelor of science in missions at ACU, and then completed a Master of Arts in theological studies at Houston Graduate School of Theology while serving at Impact Ministries in Houston’s inner-city neighborhoods. His Doctor of Missiology is from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies where he researched disciple-making movements and their applied principles in urban settings. He relocated to New York City in 2001 where he planted a house church network and has gained experience in ministry partnership in a handful of different ministry collaborations over the years. Upon developing GCMI as a missionary network in 2010, he has focused on missions mobilization and leadership training while remaining engaged in church planting in the city. He has also served as an adjunct professor in multiple graduate theological programs and taught in various workshops, conferences, and training programs.


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Supervisor: Dr. Jared Looney