Mexico City, Mexico

Retreat, Study, and Practice Incarnational Living in Mexico City

We invite you to consider an internship in Mexico City, serving among the urban poor. In the Mexico City slums, you will not only reach out to some of the world’s most vulnerable people but you will also have the opportunity to serve the barrio ministers. You will also be able to help with the development and actual construction of a center dedicated to the spiritual renovation of the hearts of the urban poor, and for those who walk with them incarnationally.

Why Mexico, you may ask? Patterns of disintegrating family structures, the multi-dimensional nature and culture of poverty, and the self-destructive features of fractured communities are pervading problems in many parts of the world. However, the structural injustice and corruption of authority are seeds planted long ago in Mexico’s history that deeply shadow the colorful and noble lives of people here. Stepping out of your familiar cultural context will shake you up and open your eyes anew to the beauties and tragedies of humanity as well as to how God wants to shape you as a light to shine in dark places. You will be changed by the challenges your faith will face; God always takes such opportunities to refine the heart, mind and soul. You will have the opportunity to plunge more deeply into your own formation toward Christ-like character.


Working alongside seasoned missionaries – James and Erin Henderson and Tim and Kim Rush (all of whom have served in Mexico for the last 10 years) – will provide mentoring within a real-life, street level ministry context. The Henderson and Rush families have recently moved to La Purificación, on the outskirts of Mexico City, in order to build and run a retreat center geared toward the renewal of the urban poor and the change agents that minister among them. Joining in the shared life and disciplines of these two families, you will have the opportunity to live daily in Christian community. James has a Master of Arts in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary and Tim has a Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Oklahoma. Erin and Kim both have degrees in Social Work from Texas Tech and Lubbock Christian University respectively. James is currently completing a degree program in Spiritual Formation from the Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation.

Learning Context

This internship will connect you with Christ-centered social workers and community developers who live among some of Mexico’s most marginalized individuals through a multi-national group called Conexion Mosaico (Mosaic Connection, Workers in Mosaico consider physical, emotional, and spiritual health to be a constant process rather than a state of being. You will be able to accompany and assist in the development of integral health through their at-risk youth inititatives, health clinics, soccer leagues, nutrition classes, trauma recovery, and community connection, among other service opportunities.



Personal growth through shared spiritual practices
Living intentionally in community
Mentoring from tenured missionaries
Micro-individual mission practice
Mezzo-community level change
Macro-systemic advocacy and change
Participate in the growing movement of the Red del Camino for integral mission in Latin America.
Experience Integral mission in a variety of contexts
Intercultural experience
Grass-roots societal change


Some Spanish required
Cultural adaptability
Sense of adventure and humility

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For more information about your internship in Mexico, contact the Henderson family at and the Rush family at or 918-895-0934.

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