Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas is affectionately referred to by some as the “belt buckle of the Bible Belt.” And yet as part of the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States it shares many of the characteristics of other major U.S. urban centers: cultural diversity; wealth disparity; emerging post-Christian climate; and the continuous life and energy of the arts, sports, and entertainment.

M.A.G.S. students have the opportunity to learn and practice discipleship and mission through an apprenticeship within the Storyline Christian Community, located around the burgeoning city center of Dallas. God is up to something in Dallas - consider being a part of it!

Learning Community

Storyline Christian Community is a network of missional communities located around the city center of Dallas that seeks to help people discover their place in God’s story. Storyline missional communities are extended families on mission that consist of 20-40 people and seek to make disciples of people in a particular neighborhood or relational network. 

Missional community contexts include diverse groups like young professionals in Uptown civic organizations and international refugees in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood. Missional communities maintain ongoing rhythms for UP (connecting to God), IN (connecting in Christian community), and OUT (connecting to people of peace from mission focus). Storyline missional communities come together twice a month for a worship gathering.

Storyline Partners in Mission are formed in the way of Jesus in part through discipleship huddles, a weekly meeting of 3-8 disciples in which a leader walks through various content and helps participants filter it through two basic questions:

  1. What is God saying to me?
  2. What is God calling me to do about it?

Storyline is also a part of a larger community of practice called Mission Alive, a resource group that is cultivating a movement of church planting and renewal in North America. Churches in the Mission Alive Community span from Los Angeles to New York, and from San Antonio to Regina, Saskatchewan. Mission Alive offers training to missional leaders in discipleship, missional communities and leadership development.

Learning Opportunities
  • Experiencing the life of an extended family on mission (missional community) in a particular neighborhood or relational network
  • Equipping for the way of Jesus in a discipleship huddle
  • Identifying, befriending, and sharing faith with those who are searching for God
  • Leading a discipleship Huddle for others
  • Seeing searchers take steps toward Jesus through the Alpha Course in missional community
  • Working for justice among the downtrodden in Dallas
  • Deepening prayer and spiritual discernment
  • Helping to start new missional communities
  • Participating in Mission Alive’s Mission Training for discipleship and mission
  • Receiving coaching and mentoring from practitioners in the trenches of mission

Charles Kiser is the Ministry Team Leader of Storyline Christian Community and a missionary to searchers in Dallas, Texas. He helped to start Storyline in 2008 and currently spends most of his time coaching missional community leaders and developing new missional communities. Charles is also the Director of Training for Mission Alive, a resource community for missional leaders in North America. He received a Master of Divinity degree from Harding School of Theology in 2006. Charles has been married to Julie since 2001 and has three children - Ryan, Chloe, and Charlotte. He likes to eat great food; cycle around White Rock Lake; watch movies; hang out with his extended family; and make new friends.

For More Information Contact Charles Kiser via email at charles@storylinecommunity.com or phone at 214-471-5722.

Get more information about Storyline at storylinecommunity.com. Learn more about Mission Alive at missionalive.org.