BIBM 602 GST Orientation (0)

Core (12 credits)

BIBM 603 Foundations of the Theology of Ministry (3)
BIBM 657 Contexts of Ministry (3)
BMIS 619 Church and Mission (3)
BIBM 651, 652, 656 Supervised Practice of Ministry I, II, VI (3)

Witness (18 credits)

BIBH 674 Christian Mission in Global Contexts (3)
BIBL 680 Christian Scripture (3)
BIBL 682 Teaching Scripture in Contemporary Contexts (3)
BIBD 678 Philosophy of Religion (3)
BIBH 651 History of Christianity I: Early and Medieval (3) or BIBH 652 History of Christianity II: Reformation to Present (3)  
BIBD 660 Systematic Theology I (3)

Missions (18 credits)

BMIS 646 Foundations of Missional Practice (3)
BMIS 649 Reading & Engaging Contemporary Cultures (3)
BMIS 650 Leadership in Intercultural Contexts (3)
BIBM 672 Witness in Global Context (3)
BMIS 671 Supervised Research in Missions (3)
BMIS/BIBM elective (3)


Serge Gasore ('13)
Master of Arts in
Global Service


"I was born in Rwanda, a lovely country that happened to experience the most horrific tragedy (1994 Rwanda Genocide). After seeing the many problems (wars, inequality, poverty, etc.) the whole world was experiencing I thought that only pursuing education was going to be the most ultimate contribution I can give to change the world and make it a better place than before."


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