Preparation for Ministry

The Master of Arts in Global Service aims to equip individuals who desire advanced education for ministries that require living, working and communicating in the intercultural contexts typical of today’s global society. Drawing upon theology, sociology, anthropology, history, and communication theory, the M.A. in Global Service challenges students to analyze contemporary global concerns, formulate Christian perspectives and explore solutions to intercultural challenges.

This degree, therefore, prepares students especially for ministry in: Missions or church planting and social justice ministry domestically and globally.

The M.A. in Global Service prepares students to engage in cross-cultural and domestic missions. The program of study teaches students to learn how to engage with cultures outside of their own. By learning how to understand sociological and anthropological issues, missionaries can engage cultures with an awareness of others. Instead of dismissing the differences in culture form others or merely trying to change another's culture, the M.A.G.S. degree will teach students to handle such issues with sensitivity. Similarly, students interested in state-side domestic or urban missions will find that the program focuses on how to engage unchurched or post-Christian society.

Global Service
The M.A. in Global Service also prepares students to do work in global service, broadly understood. A person does not have to do missions in order to serve the world and bring God's Kingdom to other cultures. Students will be prepared to serve in capacities outside of traditional missions work, such as work like the Peace Corps, social justice ministries, non-profits or NGOs.


Serge Gasore ('13)
Master of Arts in
Global Service


"I was born in Rwanda, a lovely country that happened to experience the most horrific tragedy (1994 Rwanda Genocide). After seeing the many problems (wars, inequality, poverty, etc.) the whole world was experiencing I thought that only pursuing education was going to be the most ultimate contribution I can give to change the world and make it a better place than before."


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