Program Overview

Completion time3 years
Scheduling OptionsComplete coursework online and attend three two-week residency sessions
Complete coursework face-to-face at an approved site

MAGS is a 48-hour, innovative, real-world curriculum to equip Christian leaders to serve in global contexts. It will provide you resources for any ministry that requires living, working, and communicating in the intercultural contexts typical of today’s global society. While enrolled in the program, students have the choice to serve locally or relocate to one of our missional partner sites.

MAGS will help you to become theologically formed, missionally aware, and interculturally competent.

Preparation for Ministry
The program aims to equip individuals who desire advanced education for ministries that require living, working and communicating in the intercultural contexts typical of today’s global society. 

Students will engage the practices of global service through a mix of graduate courses, contextual learning opportunities, and mentoring in the competencies necessary for Christian leadership and service in intercultural contexts. As a result, graduates of the M.A. in Global Service will be theologically formed, missiologically adept, interculturally competent leaders who are prepared for effective and sustainable service in a variety of settings.

Drawing upon theology, sociology, anthropology, history, and communication theory, the M.A. in Global Service challenges students to analyze contemporary global concerns, formulate Christian perspectives and explore solutions to intercultural challenges.

Application Deadline:
Fall 2015
  • Aug. 14, 2015

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Serge Gasore ('13)
Master of Arts in
Global Service


"I was born in Rwanda, a lovely country that happened to experience the most horrific tragedy (1994 Rwanda Genocide). After seeing the many problems (wars, inequality, poverty, etc.) the whole world was experiencing I thought that only pursuing education was going to be the most ultimate contribution I can give to change the world and make it a better place than before."


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