Spiritual Formation

The capacity of any person to lead, to sustain a ministry, or to foster change rests not in some technique or skill.  Intellectual prowess, academic rigor, or advanced people skills are no substitute for the real catalyst for ministerial leadership. Before one can lead others, one must learn to follow. That is why the heart of our program beats with a commitment for the spiritual formation of the student. 

This commitment takes shape through a unique mentoring program where each student is paired with an experienced practitioner-scholar. The mentor-mentee relationship develops through conversations with the student and with our D.Min. alumni and others who understand the rigors of ministry, scholarship, and a vibrant life with God. Additionally, the D.Min. student body gathers each year for a retreat designed specifically for persons who are engaged in ministerial leadership.

As you review our program you will see other ways in which spiritual formation is critical to our program. One of our tracks is specifically focused on Christian Spiritual Formation. D.Min. Orientation includes a series of inventories to assist the student in becoming more self-aware. And the incredible collegiality of our student body and faculty fosters an atmosphere of openness to healthy relationships and to a deepened life with God. 

Video Spotlight
Dr. John Knox of Granbury, Texas
Dr. John Knox of Granbury, Texas explains how a Doctor of Ministry was the best educational path for his ministry and why Abilene Christian University was the right choice for him.
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 Summer 2015
  • January 15, 2015

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