Leadership for Missional Renewal

Leadership is an important word. Churches, organizations, families, and communities all need leadership. But leadership left to its own devices can become unwieldy and counterproductive to the well-being and health of a family, non-profit, or church. The Leadership for Missional Renewal track understands this reality and grounds the pursuit of leadership excellence in the missio Dei--God's mission in the world. Within this track students will engage in critical theological reflection in missional theology, develop skills in cultural hermeneutics, and nurture leadership models that serve congregations in the pursuit of God's preferred future.
Degree Plan for Leadership for Missional Renewal Track
Orientation (0 hours)
  • BIBM 701: Doctor of Ministry Orientation

Coements (6 hours)

  • BIBM 702: Theological Foundations for the Practice of Ministry (6 hours) 

Method and Project/Thesis (9 hours)

  • BIBM 724: Project/Thesis Seminar I (1 hour) 
  • BIBM 725: Project/Thesis Seminar II (2 hours) 
  • BIBM 799: DMin Project/Thesis (6 hours; includes an oral exam)

Track Offerings (12 hours)

  • BIBM 706: Christian Leadership Development
  • BIBM 719: Missional Ecclesiology
  • BIBM 740: Immersion in Culture, Context, and Community
  • BIBM 740: Leading Change in Churches and Religious Organizations

Ministry Electives (6 hours)

  • Select any 2 electives (see Curriculum page for course listing)

Spiritual Formation (0 hours)

  • Retreat I
  • Retreat II  
  • Mentoring throughout the program
    Application Deadline:
 Summer 2017
  • January 15, 2017

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