Generalist Program

For students who have particular learning interests not addressed by one of the tracks, or whose ministry contexts suggest other areas of attention for a D.Min. program, a generalist program is available. In consultation with the D.Min. Director, a student can customize a program to fit his or her desired research goals and ministerial practices. Drawing from the courses offered, a student could pursue any number of directions for inquiry. 
Degree Plan for Generalist Degree
Orientation (0 hours)
  • BIBM 701: Doctor of Ministry Orientation

Core Requirements (6 hours)

  • BIBM 702: Theological Foundations for the Practice of Ministry (6 hours)

Method and Project/Thesis (9 hours)

  • BIBM 724: Project/Thesis Seminar I (1 hour) 
  • BIBM 725: Project/Thesis Seminar II (2 hours) 
  • BIBM 799: DMin Project Thesis (6 hours; includes an oral exam)

Ministry Electives (18 hours)

  • Select any 6 electives (see Curriculum page for course listing)

Spiritual Formation (0 hours)

  • Retreat I
  • Retreat II  
  • Mentoring throughout the program
    Application Deadline:
 Summer 2017
  • January 15, 2017

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Featured Spotlight

For some, the journey to victory can be pretty grueling. Such was the case for Danny Mercer, preaching minister for Friendswood Church of Christ near Houston. After suffering from a cancerous brain tumor, he beat the disease and completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at ACU in 2013.


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Danny's journey


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