BIBM 701: Doctor of Ministry Orientation (0) 
Introductory course covering an overview of the program, analysis of ministry, research techniques, project design, and ministry resources.

BIBM 702: Theological Foundations for the Practice of Ministry (6)
Integrates the varied sources of Scripture, theology, history, cultural analysis, and methodological assessment to develop an informed practical theology for the practice of ministerial leadership.

BIBM 703: Preaching in Contemporary Contexts (3)
An analysis of current theories and methods of proclamation combined with the study of critical considerations in the development of the minister's theology of preaching in contemporary contexts. Emphasis on a variety of approaches to expositional preaching that let the Bible speak clearly to contemporary needs.

BIBM 706: Christian Leadership Development (3)
An integrated analysis of theology, organizational behavior, group process, personality theory, pastoral care, and problem-solving skills designed to enhance the leadership effectiveness of participants.

BIBM 710: Crisis Counseling and Brief Therapy (3)
Analysis of stressful events from both individual and family perspectives and from both developmental and accidental frameworks. Theologies of human nature, of the God/human relationship, and of counseling will be developed. Therapeutic strategies for crisis counseling and for doing brief therapy will be discussed. Assessment, treatment, and referral methodologies will be developed.

BIBM 711: Preaching and Theology (3) 
Several theological perspectives, methods, and issues are explored in order to provide a more biblical and effective basis for preaching.

BIBM 713: Preaching from the New Testament (3) 
A study of the preparation of sermons from two New Testament books, including historical-critical analysis, examination of form, and appropriate application in the contemporary world. 

BIBM 717: Christian Spiritual Formation (3)
Examines a biblical theology, the history, and the pastoral applications of Christian spirituality giving special attention to four historic expressions of spirituality (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and Restorationist).

BIBM 718: Theological Practice of Evangelism (3)
The practice of evangelism as a theological endeavor involves listening to the stories of our churches, attending to biblical understandings of evangelism, exploring evangelism within various systematic theologies, and allowing culture to inform questions of meaning and relevance. The overall outcome should be an articulated plan for evangelism within specific ministry contexts.

BIBM 719: Missional Ecclesiology (3)
Focuses on understanding the relationship of the church to the mission of God in the world and applying that understanding to actual ministry contexts. Explores biblical, theological, and historical themes. Contextualization includes analysis of a post-Christendom North America and consideration of specific ecclesial practices that lend themselves to contextual innovation.

BIBM 721: Theology of Culture (3)
Examine the relationship between culture and theological anthropology, probing the implications for ministerial contexts.

BIBM 723: Worship (3)
Prepares students to understand and engage in worship as liturgical community formation. Attention is given to biblical, theological, and sociological aspects of liturgical community formation.
Prerequisites: BIBM 702

BIBM 724: Project/Thesis Seminar I (1)
The first course of a two-part seminar designed to orient and launch the students on a journey toward a successful project/thesis appropriate for the student's particular ministry setting.

BIBM 725: Project/Thesis Seminar II (2)
The concluding course of a two-part seminar designed to integrate the competencies developed in the D.Min. curriculum and to create a project appropriate for the student's particular ministry setting. 

BIBM 740: Christian Ministry in Digital Culture (3)

BIBM 740: Exegesis: Text and Congregation (3)

BIBM 740: Forming Communities of Faith (3)

BIBM 740: Immersion in Culture, Context, and Community (3)

BIBM 740: Leading Change in Churches and Religious Organizations (3)

BIBM 740: Living in the Tradition (3)

BIBM 740: Practical Theology for Ministerial Leadership (3)

BIBM 798: Continuing D.Min. Study (0)
On demand.

BIBM 799: D.Min. Project/Thesis (6)

    Application Deadline:
 Summer 2017
  • January 15, 2017

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For some, the journey to victory can be pretty grueling. Such was the case for Danny Mercer, preaching minister for Friendswood Church of Christ near Houston. After suffering from a cancerous brain tumor, he beat the disease and completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at ACU in 2013.


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