M.Div. Equivalency

What is the M.Div equivalency?
The Association of Theological Schools stipulates that "admission to the D.Min. program requires the possession of an ATS-approved M.Div. degree or its educational equivalent" and that "ministerial experience is not considered the equivalent of or substitute for the M.Div. degree" (ATS Standards, p. 114). M.Div. equivalency means that while some applicants may not possess an M.Div. degree, they have completed the courses that would be required for an accredited M.Div. degree.

Why would someone need to consider M.Div. equivalency?
Reasons for pursuing M.Div. equivalency and not receiving an M.Div. degree from an accredited institution may include the following: (1) exceeding the maximum time limit allowed; (2) relocating before completing the degree and therefore taking courses from multiple institutions; (3) completing the M.A. degree earlier but not wishing to do all the extra hours required to complete an additional M.Div. degree.

How is M.Div. equivalency evaluated?
ACU's standard for evaluating M.Div. equivalency is ACU's 72-hour M.Div. degree plan. All acceptable graduate courses recorded on all the applicant's graduate transcripts are fit into the degree plan categories to grant as many credits as possible. The number of credits still lacking is then set as the number of credits required to achieve M.Div. equivalency.

Who evaluates the applications for M.Div. equivalency?
The Doctor of Ministry Director and the Graduate School of Theology Associate Dean evaluate each application and determine the number of courses needed for M.Div. equivalency.

Does admission to M.Div. equivalency mean automatic admission to the Doctor of Ministry program?
No. Admission to M.Div. equivalency means that the applicant is approved to complete the hours needed to qualify as an applicant for the D.Min. program. After completing all courses needed to achieve M.Div. equivalency, the applicant can then apply for admission to the D.Min. program.

Where can courses needed to complete M.Div. equivalency be taken?
These courses can be taken at ACU or any ATS-approved institution and then transferred to ACU for credit toward M.Div. equivalency. Financial aid may be available for courses taken at ACU.

Are the courses taken in the M.Div. equivalency program for credit?
Yes, all courses taken in the M.Div. equivalency program will be tracked by the Registrar's Office and placed on the student's transcript.

How do I apply for M.Div. equivalency?
Please complete the following steps. No action can be taken on your application until all materials have been received.

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Send a $20 application fee to cover the cost of processing your application. This fee is non-refundable. Please make checks payable to Abilene Christian University or use the online payment option.
  3. Request official transcripts of credit from your college, seminary, and all other institutions where you completed master's-level coursework.
  4. Email materials to gradinfo@acu.edu or mail them to:
         ACU Graduate School
         ACU Box 29140
         Abilene, TX 79699
    Application Deadline:
 Summer 2017
  • January 15, 2017

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