Program Overview

Completion timeTypically 2-3 years (and no more than 7)
Scheduling OptionsWeekly 3-hour classes M-Th;
Bi-semester Weekend Courses;
Online Courses;
Week-long Short Courses

Admissions Requirements 
Look over the admissions requirements and then begin working through the admissions checklist in order to apply.

Financial Aid 
Almost every student can qualify for a substantial amount of financial assistance. 

Preparation for Ministry 
The M.A.C.M. prepares students for a host of ministerial vocations including: church planters, ministers in established churches, teachers, campus ministers and other forms of Christian service.

The M.A.C.M. produces learning outcomes in terms of increased proficiency in: history, ministry practices, and integration.

The M.A.C.M. Curriculum contains 48 hours of classes in:
1.   Tools, 9 hours
2.   Bible Core, 9 hours
3.   History and Theology, 9 hours
4.   Ministry, 12 hours
5.   Electives, 9 hours

Student Spotlight

Justin Whiteley is passionate about empowering, equipping and preparing youth for their Christian walk in life.

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