The curriculum for the Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry is designed to provide a solid basis of ministerial tools. Accordingly, the curriculum provides students with the tools for biblical study; an introduction to Christian scripture, history, and theology; and classes directed at ministry related skills. Finally, 12 hours of focused track courses round out the degree, allowing students to take courses most relevant for their vocation.

Requirements for the 48-hour M.A. in Christian Ministry degree are:   

  1. Tools, 0 hours: 
        BIMB 602 GST Orientation (0)
  2. Bible core, 15 hours: 
        BIBL 610 Critical Interpretation of the Old Testament (3)
        BIBL 620 Critical Interpretation of the New Testament (3)
        BIBL 627 Biblical Exegesis (3)
        BIBL 630 Biblical Theology (3)
        BIBL 682 Teaching Scripture in Contemporary Contexts (3)
  3. History and Theology, 9 hours: 
        BIBH 651 History of Christianity I: Early and Medieval (3)
        BIBH 652 History of Christianity II: Reformation to Present (3) or BIBH 664 Advanced Restoration History (3)
        BIBD 660 Systematic Theology I
  4. Ministry, 12 hours: 
        BIBM 603 Foundations of the Theology of Ministry (3) 
        BIBM 648 Christian Spiritual Formation (3)
        BIBM 657 Contexts of Ministry (3)
        BIBM 629 Field Education (3)
  5. 12 hours of focused track or electives. 
  6. English Bible exam.
  7. E-portfolio review or thesis defense.

Students can choose from one of the following 12-hour tracks:

  1. Student and Family Ministry
Concentrating on children and teens, courses undergird more expansive and holistic ministerial dimensions of the church's ministry. 

  2. Spiritual Formation
Designed for the fostering of a deeper look at the theological and historical foundations of the transformative practices of the church. 

  3. Ministerial Leadership
A set of courses for the enhancing of the minister's leadership capacities and skills. 

  4. Ministry and Bible
Through combining strong exegetical training with cutting edge homiletical approaches, the program bolsters the preaching ministry of the church. 

Persons admitted with some advanced theological study or with extensive undergraduate studies in Bible, religion, and ministry may receive up to 12 hours of advanced standing. For more information, please consult with your advisor.

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