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Spring 2015 Courses  

CRN Course # Course Title Professor Days Time Room Dates/Notes
20752BIBD 661.J1 Theological Explorations: Ancient & MedievalAquino, FredM-F8:00-5:00249Jan. 5-9
20461BIBL 627.J1 Biblical ExegesisNiccum, CurtM-F8:00-5:00113Jan. 5-9
20437BGRK 612.01Elementary New Testament Greek IIThompson, MindiW1:30-4:20113 
20438BGRK 612.W1Elementary New Testament Greek IIThompson, MindiOnlineOnline--- 
21377BGRK 625.01Seminar in the Epistles: PastoralsHutson, ChrisW1:30-4:20207 
20440BHEB 672.01Introduction to Hebrew IIWillis, JohnR8:00-10:50126 
20441BIBD 647.01Research Problems in TheologyAquino, FredW8:00-10:50128 
20442BIBD 678.01Introduction to Philosophy of ReligionAquino, FredRFS1-9:30, 8-5, 8-122492/5-7, 3/19-21
20443BIBH 633.01Readings in Christian SpiritualityChilders, JeffM8:00-10:50122 
20445BIBH 652.01History of Christianity II:Reform to PresentFoster, DougM12:00-2:50113 
20446BIBH 652.W1History of Christianity II:Reform to PresentCrawford, WesOnlineOnline--- 
20447BIBH 655.01History of Christianity in AmericaFoster, DougT12:00-2:50126 
20448BIBL 601.01German for Theological StudiesThompson, CarolynR1:30-4:20126 
20449BIBL 611.01Old Testment TheologyWillis, JohnM8:00-10:50126 
20450BIBL 620.01Advanced Introduction to the New TestamentHutson, ChrisT8:00-10:50104 
20451BIBL 620.W1Advanced Introduction to the New TestamentNiccum, CurtOnlineOnline--- 
21501BIBL 650.01Women in the New TestamentCukrowski, KenR8:00-10:50219 
20452BIBM 609.01Healthcare MinistryPatrick, MikeW8:30-10:302737 Hendricks Hosp 
20814BIBM 652.W1Supervised Practice of Ministry IISmith, KentOnlineOnline--- 
20456BIBM 657.01Context of MinistryBryce, BradyT12:00-2:50103 
20987BIBM 657.W1Context of MinistryBryce, BradyOnlineOnline--- 
20458BIBM 679.01Theological Reflection in PracticeFlanders, ChrisT8:00-10:50249 
20460BMIS 619.W1Church & MissionSmith, KentOnlineOnline--- 
21180BMIS 650.W1Leadership in Intercultural ContextsFlanders, ChrisOnlineOnline--- 

Doctor of Ministry Classes-Spring 2015

Course # Course Title Professor Days Time Room Dates/Notes
BIBM 740.J1Immersion in Cultural ContextsFlanders, ChrisM-F8:00-5:00City Square, DallasJan. 5-9


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Summer 2015 Courses  

CRN Course # Course Title Professor Days Time Room Dates/Notes
30040BIBM 629.01Field EducationBryce, BradyTBATBA---Mandatory Mtg 4/29 2-4 GST Conf Rm
30042BIBD 660.01Introduction to Systematic TheologyAquino, FredM-F8:00-5:00128May 11-15, 2015
30041BIBM 696.01Theological Perspectives on Human BehaviorMcCracken/GoffM-F8:00-5:00114May 18-22, 2015
30044BIBM 640.01ST:Campus MinistryTBDM-F8:00-5:00103May 18-22, 2015
30288BIBL 640.01ST:Sermon on the MountWillis, WendellM-F8:00-5:00126May 25-29, 2015
30286BIBL 640.E1ST:Phillipians and ThessaloniansThompson, JamesM-F8:00-5:00---May 25-29, 2015  ACCRA, GHANA
30290BIBD 678.W1Philosophy of ReligionDowdy, ChrisTBATBAOnlineJune 1-July 17, 2015
30289BIBL 610.W1Advanced Introduction to the Old TestamentThompson, MindiTBATBAOnlineJune 1-July 17, 2015 
30172BMIS 649.W1Reading & Engaging Contemporary Cultures Flanders, ChrisM-F8:00-5:00OnlineJune 1-July 31, 2015
30281BIBM 656.W1Supervised Practice of Ministry VSmith, KentTBATBA---July 1-31, 2015

Doctor of Ministry Classes-Summer 2015

Course # Course Title Professor Days Time Room Dates/Notes
BIBM 701.01Doctor of Ministry OrientationReed, CarsonF-STBA250June 12-14, 2015
BIBM 702.01Biblical and Theological Foundations of MinistryReed, CarsonM-W, F8:00-5:00250June 15-17, 19, 2015
BIBM 717.01Christian Spiritual FormationChilders/TBDM-R8:00-5:00249June 15-18, 2015
BIBM 740.01ST:Project/Thesis Seminar ISensing, TimR8:00-5:00250June 18, 2015
BIBM 740.02ST:Project/Thesis Seminar IISensing, TimF, M8:00-5:00249June 19 & 22, 2015
BIBM 740.04ST:Leading Change Camp, JohnT-F8:00-5:00219June 23-26, 2015
BIBM 740.05ST:Exegesis:Text & CongregationLong, TomT-F8:00-5:00249June 23-26, 2015
BIBM 740.03ST:Prac Theo Min LeadershipReed, CarsonT-F8:00-5:00250June 23-26, 2015


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