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Fall 2014 Courses  

CRN Course # Course Title Professor Days Time Room Dates/Notes
11414BIBM 602.E1GST Orientation-Accra, Ghana Thompson, MindiM8-5---ACCRA, GHANA-July 21st
11412BIBM 603.E1Foundations of the Theology of Min-Accra, Ghana Thompson, MindiT-S8-5---ACCRA, GHANA-July 22-26th
10556BIBM 602.01GST Orientation - Distance Students Thompson, MindiM8-5104August 4
10557BIBM 603.01Foundations of the Theology of Min - Distance Students Reed, CarsonT-S8-5104August 5-9
10558BMIS 646.01Foundations of Missional PracticeSmith, KentM-F8-5250August 11-15
10589BIBM 648.01Christian Spiritual FormationSensing, TimM-F8-5249August 11-15 
10559BGRK 611.01Elementary New Testament Greek IThompson, MindiW1:30-4:20113 
10560BGRK 611.W1Elementary New Testament Greek IThompson, MindiOnlineOnline--- 
10561BGRK 621.01Intermediate New Testament GreekHutson, ChrisW1:30-4:20122 
10562BGRK 623.01Seminar in the Synpotic GospelsCukrowski, KenM12-2:50122 
10563BHEB 671.01Introduction to Hebrew IWillis, JohnR8-10:50122 
10565BHEB 681.01Intermediate Hebrew Readings IWillis, JohnT8-10:50104 
10566BIBD 642.01Contemporary Religious ThoughtAquino, FredRFS1-9:30, 8-5, 8-12249September 25-27,
October 23-25
10568BIBD 660.01Introduction to Systematic TheologyAquino, FredW8-10:50103 
11214BIBH640.01ST: Explorations in Christian EastChilders, JeffM8-10:50113 
10570BIBH 651.01Hist/Christianity I: Early and MedievalChilders, JeffT8-10:50128 
10571BIBH 651.W1Hist/Christianity I: Early and MedievalChilders, JeffOnlineOnline--- 
10572BIBH 664.01Advanced Restoration HistoryFoster, DougT12-2:50128 
10574BIBH 664.W1Advanced Restoration HistoryCrawford, WesOnlineOnline--- 
10575BIBL 610.01Advanced Introduction to the Old TestamentThompson, MindiT12-2:50113 
10578BIBL 621.01New Testament TheologyThompson, JamesRFS1-9:30, 8-5, 8-12249September 18-20,
October 30 - November 1
10581BIBM 602.02GST Orientation - Residential Students Thompson, MindiF8-5249August 29
10583BIBM 603.02Foundations of the Theology of Min - Residential Students Bryce, BradyM12-2:50128 
10584BIBM 604.01HomileticsSensing, TimT3-5:50128 
10585BIBM 609.01Healthcare MinistryPatrick, MikeR8:30-10:302737 at Hendrick 
11140BIBM 616.W1Witness in Global ContextsFlanders, ChrisOnlineOnline--- 
10586BIBM 629.01Field Education Contextual ImmersionBryce, BradyTBDTBD---Madatory Mtg 8/28 2-4 GST Conf Rm
 11411BIBM 651.W1Supervised Practice of Ministry ISmith, KentOnlineOnline--- 
10590BIBM 658.01Leading in ContextsReed, CarsonM3-5:50249 

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