Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning fall 2018, will ACU’s AT program be only a graduate program? If so, is it a 3+2 program or would students have to complete a bachelor's degree and then a two year masters program?

We will have both a Master of Athletic Training Program as well as a 3+2 program. The 3+2 program leads into the the Master’s program at ACU. Students in the 3+2 program will be required to apply to the Master’s program during their Junior year. This application process is to ensure that all Master’s students are meeting the GPA requirement. All prerequisites for the Master’s program are built into the 3+2 program.

What hands-on experiences will AT students have and when? Will students have practical experience besides an internship/practicum their last year? Will students work with ACU’s athletic programs?

3+2 students are required to have Clinical experiences during their second semester of their Junior year, and during every semester of the Master’s program. If a 3+2 student wishes to volunteer clinical hours within our Athletic Department prior to the Spring Semester of their Junior year, that is a possibility. We take those students on a case-by-case basis to ensure that their academics (GPA, class progression, etc) are on target before volunteering.

What are potential internship/practicum sites for AT students during their last year? Do you have a clinic that students would have experience in? Do you have a clinical coordinator who supports students in obtaining their internship/practicum?

Below are our clinical experience sites. Included in them is Action Physical Therapy and Athletic Training Outreach clinic. In this clinic, the student would work with a Physical Therapist and/or an Athletic Trainer in the clinical (non-athletic training room) setting. ACU will be hiring a Clinical Coordinator in June, 2018. This person has already been identified and very much helps our students in internship/practicum placement.


What is the status of accreditation for ACU’s AT program?

ACU’s Master of Athletic Training Program is in the process of gaining CAATE accreditation. We will submit our self-study by July, 2019, and will have our site visit in the late Fall of 2019 or early Spring of 2020. We expect our program to pass accreditation without issue. We should be fully accredited by May/June of 2020.

What is your program’s pass-rates for students who have taken the certification exam in the past?

As this is a new program, we do not have pass rates for our Master’s students on the BOC yet.  

How many faculty do you have in your AT program? Do your faculty also work as trainers for your athletic program?

Currently, Dr. Melissa Long is the only faculty member. We will be hiring a Clinical Education Coordinator in June, 2018. We will then hire a 3rd faculty member in June, 2019. Our faculty members will not be employed by the athletic department, however we have all had over 10 years of experience in athletic departments. Of note, our Master’s faculty do not teach in the undergrad portion of the 3+2. However, we do mentor and work closely with our 3+2 students.