About the First-Year Program

The First-Year Program (FYP) is simply a way of referring to the first-year of college life--both inside and outside of class. Top schools in the nation have long realized that the first year is critical for building a strong foundation for success. Some of these schools appoint a dean to coordinate the first-year experience. For example, Harvard University has a Dean of Freshman and Notre Dame University has a Dean of the First Year of Studies. At ACU, the Director of The First-Year Program is responsible for coordinating the learning and development of first-year students.

ACU's FYP emphasizes the total development of students--spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and vocational. We are dedicated to helping students grow to their fullest potential, beginning at their unique stage of development upon entry to ACU. Whether under-prepared for college or an accelerated learner, we believe the mind and heart of each student will be strengthened as a result of the ACU educational experience. 

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