About the First-Year Program

The First-Year Program (FYP) is simply a way of referring to the first-year of college life--both inside and outside of class. Top schools in the nation have long realized that the first year is critical for building a strong foundation for success. Some of these schools appoint a dean to coordinate the first-year experience. For example, Harvard University has a Dean of Freshman and Notre Dame University has a Dean of the First Year of Studies. At ACU, the Director of The First-Year Program is responsible for coordinating the learning and development of first-year students.

ACU's FYP emphasizes the total development of students--spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and vocational. We are dedicated to helping students grow to their fullest potential, beginning at their unique stage of development upon entry to ACU. Whether under-prepared for college or an accelerated learner, we believe the mind and heart of each student will be strengthened as a result of the ACU educational experience. 

Surviving Ebola
Dr. Kent Brantly ('03) and his wife, Amber (Carroll '06), shared their story of faith and hope during ACU's Homecoming. Here, Brantly speaks on Ebola, Liberia and loving our neighbors.
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