ACU's Vision for First-Year Students

Educating students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world is ACU's mission.

As a result of the time you spend at ACU, we hope you will develop your mind and your heart to their fullest potential so that you can take your place as a servant-leader in a world that cries out for men and women of character.

We sincerely hope and pray that as a first-year student you will:

  • Create high expectations for your learning and development and involve yourself in the ACU community.
  • Develop study and life skills appropriate for successful college living and learning.
  • Become familiar with ACU's Christian heritage and understand how it shapes a world view and contributes to your educational experience.
  • Gain an appreciation for the importance of a Christian "liberal arts" education, which seeks to improve your love of learning, your love of God and neighbor, and your ability to think, listen, speak, write, solve problems and make wise decisions.
  • Critically examine and assume personal responsibility for your faith. Develop a carefully thought-out Christian philosophy of life, making stronger connections between your faith, your learning and your behavior.
  • Develop a greater sensitivity to the diversity among people while discovering and experiencing God's plan for unity in Christ.
  • Increase your self-knowledge and refine educational and life goals through exploration of your God-given talents, gifts, aptitudes, interests and values.
  • Complete a successful transition to learning and living at ACU and build a foundation strong enough to take your dreams through graduation and into your life's bright future!
Vision in Action

Watch the video above to witness the future of Abilene Christian University taking shape.

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