Meet some participants

Students and faculty in the Honors College have taken part in the first of these innovative, team-taught courses. Here is what they have to say:

Chase Brazell
Chase Brazell, sophomore
history major

"It's not just a lecture; it's not someone speaking to me. It's an interaction between the teachers and me, just working through different questions, not always finding answers - sometimes finding answers. It's cool. I love it."

Steven Moore
Dr. Steven Moore, assistant professor of English

"We're taking chairs and arranging them in a circle where we can talk about the material. Or we're meeting the students in a coffee house. Or we're meeting at a bakery and having a meal with our students and engaging them about the material. So the classroom is constantly changing, and it looks completely different from the classroom of the past."

Kristina Campos
Dr. Kristina Davis, assistant professor of communication

"You can tell that a student has gotten it when they really begin to understand their place in history, their place in Christian academics, their place at ACU, their place in their families, their place in the world. And when they get that, there is this feeling that they finally have found themselves. And it just totally changes the dynamics of the classroom."

Wes Flach
Wes Flach, senior Bible major

"It doesn't feel harder than a regular class. It feels more engaging. It is fun - it is deep thinking at times. It's not your typical 'learn the answers and spit 'em back on the test.'"

Dr. Tracy Shilcutt, associate professor of history

"I see students learning differently today, first of all, by their willingness to ask questions back - not afraid to engage the professors in conversation, rather than just receiving information - being willing to push on some of the information, dig deeper a bit."

Will Morgan, sophomore
accounting major

"Everyone felt very close by the end of the semester. When we started, none of us really knew each other well, professors included. And since then, we've all kind of grown through this relevant topic of our human nature. We've discovered things about ourselves and how we're all connected by different means."

Cole Bennett
Dr. Cole Bennett, associate professor of English

"I get to interact with two of my colleagues, whose depth of knowledge in their own field is so wonderfully complex. And I get to listen to students make connections that I myself didn't make when I was an undergraduate."

Stephen Johnson
Dr. Stephen Johnson, assistant professor of Bible

"I think students are coming to find themselves and to find God. They're letting go of some things, and they're not quite sure of what they're grabbing hold of next. They're in that space in between. To participate with what God is doing in that moment, to wrestle with this doubt as the place in which faith is born and sustained, to live in the questions, the big questions - that's a high calling."  

dan mcgregor
Dan McGregor, associate professor of art

"I would say the initial student reaction to an integrated course is having your mind blown a little bit, because they're so used to sort of following one track in any given course."  

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