ACU Core Curriculum

The Core

ACU's new university Core is an innovative and intrinsically different approach to higher education. No matter what your major, you'll take a set of classes designed to help you think critically, globally and missionally, and prepare you to make a difference in the world.

ACU's Core: Fundamentally Different

ACU's university Core is an innovative and intrinsically different approach to higher education. Every university has what is traditionally called a core curriculum: a set of courses each student takes while earning credits toward a degree. Students generally take these courses during their first or second year of college.

We believe there is more to developing the foundation of a student's education than reading, writing and arithmetic. There are fundamental life experiences, bigger questions, and cultural connections to be made. ACU is committed to use every opportunity to discuss these issues whether in a traditional classroom setting or afternoon coffee with a favorite professor. The Core at ACU is the perfect foundation for a 21st-century education, regardless of your academic major or career path. So, what makes ACU's Core different?

The core courses in the ACU general education program consist of three courses taken by students in their freshman, sophomore, and junior years. These courses introduce and reinforce the broad knowledge and transferable problem-solving skills students need for success after graduation.

Core 110: Cornerstone: How do we know?
Ways of Thinking

Core 210: Human Identity and Community: Where do I fit in?
Living in Community 

BCOR 310: The Search for Meaning: How do I find meaning in life?
Searching for Meaning

Engage the World
David Kneip
As a new professor in the College of Biblical Studies at ACU, David Kneip explains how mobile learning enriches the student experience in the new Core classroom.
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