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Cynthia Roper Contact Information
Office: Sherrod-Don Morris, Rm
Address: ACU Box 28156, Abilene, TX 79699
Phone: (325) 674-2409
Fax: (325) 674-6966
Email: roperc@acu.edu 





Q & A with Dr. Cynthia S. Roper  

Originally from: Sayre, Oklahoma

Why you do what you do and why at ACU: While working as a teaching assistant in grad school, I discovered something about myself that I would never have suspected.  “I’m a teacher.”  I absolutely love teaching and working with students.  Getting to do it at ACU is an added bonus, because here I have the freedom to openly incorporate my Christian beliefs into the concepts we are discussing in class.  For me, everything we teach and talk about in the field of communication is an opportunity to deepen faith and self-knowledge.  However, one of the very best things is getting to work alongside the faculty in this department.  I truly love my co-workers and have developed deep and abiding friendships with each of them.  Because my co-workers all have such genuine concern for others, especially our students, they are very easy to love.  That has been the greatest blessing.

What you expect from students: I do not expect everyone to ace my classes, but I do expect students to take responsibility for their own learning and do their best.  However, above all else, I expect students to practice profound personal integrity, to choose to do what it is right even when there is little chance that anyone else will know.  To do anything less erodes the very core of our personhood.

What you want to give your students: In the classroom and in interpersonal interactions with my students, I want to communicate my undivided attention to them, that I am 100% present, and that I really care about them as unique individuals.

Personal: Although I am not married and have no children of my own, I am very close to my sister and brother-in-law and their children and grandchildren.


Interests outside of classroom:  Outside of the classroom, I am very involved with my church, serving on the Missions Committee at Highland.  I am an avid reader (my house is littered with bookcases), I love to travel whenever possible (especially, participating in Study Abroad for ACU), and, because I love to sing, I have been a part of the Abilene Classical Chorus for the past four years.

Research interests: Currently, I’m interested in Intercultural research; specifically students who participate in study abroad, international students, and third culture kids. In the past my research was in televised political advertising and political debates (political communication research).


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