Lauren Lemley, Ph.D.

Lauren Lemley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication and Director of the Speaking Center
B.S., Abilene Christian University, 2005
M.A., Abilene Christian University, 2007
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2010

Phone: 325.674.2241


Originally from: Kerrville, Texas

Why you do what you do and why at ACU: I grew up in a family of teachers, from whom I inherited a love of knowledge and learning.  The study of communication is especially exciting to me because it is a subject that has applications in all academic disciplines and career fields, and teaching communication courses gives me the opportunity to prepare students for their future.  I completed both my undergraduate and masters work in the Communication Department here at ACU, and I feel truly blessed to be back in a thriving academic community that fosters my development as a Christian educator and scholar.  ACU’s emphasis on integrating faith and learning allows me to teach more than just course material; it grants me the opportunity to engage students in conversation about their faith.

What you expect from students:
I expect my students to actively engage in a learning environment where they learn from and challenge one another.

What you want to give your students: I want to give my students an excitement for knowledge. I want them to find principles and concepts I teach in the classroom that will benefit them in their personal and professional lives.

Personal: I have been married for three years to my husband, Brandon (’07).  We have an aquarium full of fish, and we recently adopted a lab/golden retriever mix puppy named Toby.

Interests outside of classroom: I love to read, watch movies, and travel.  I participated in the Study Abroad program here at ACU during my undergraduate work, and I highly recommend finding a way to enrich your education through international travel.

Research interests: My research focuses on the role of rhetoric in both historical and current cultural contexts.  I am particularly interested in how rhetorical principles and theories apply to texts from diverse time periods and allow us to make connections between the past and present.  I approach each of my research projects as an opportunity to understand how rhetoric impacts societies and shapes cultures.  My dissertation focused on the role that rhetoric played in shaping, resolving, and remembering the Salem witchcraft trials.


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