Paul N. Lakey, Ph. D., Professor of Communication

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Post address: ACU Box 28156, Abilene, Texas79699
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Q & A with Dr. Paul N. Lakey 

Originally from: Albuquerque, New Mexico. I wasn’t born in Texas but got here as fast as I could!

Why you do what you do and why at ACU: I love to see students experience learning and I love to learn along with them. I love to see the light bulb shine in the face of a student and I cherish those frequent moments when the light bulb goes off in my face due to a student sharing. I enjoy reading a paper that communicates “they’ve got it; they’ve really got it!” At ACU, we have the wonderful opportunity to appreciate learning to glorify and honor God. I get that “Eureka” moment when faith and learning intersect! I have been so blessed by great mentors in my Christian education and I want to pass this blessing on in some way.

What you expect from students: I expect students to engage themselves, even immerse themselves in the learning process. We honor God by doing our best. My teaching style encourages active learning.

What you want to give your students: I want to pass along my enthusiasm for learning and strong desire to make theory practical. I believe that rigorous learning can also be fun. I pray that I model a Christ-centered approach to the learning process.

Personal: Married, two grown children.

Interests outside of classroom:  Highland Church of Christ, spending precious time with family, woodworking, movie buff, scifi, sports

Research Interests: Religious conflict, Asian leadership, Servant leadership


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