Dena Counts

Dena Counts

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Office: Sherrod Building  211
Address: ACU Box 28156, Abilene, TX 79699
Phone: (325) 674-2631
Fax: (325) 674-6966



Q & A with Professor Dena Counts

Originally from: Mertzon, Texas (West Texas)

Why you do what you do and why at ACU: I just love teaching.  Sharing your life, your knowledge and your relationship with God is a huge blessing.  I’m also very blessed that I get to coach the Speech & Debate team.  The students are always top-notch and teach me as much as I teach them. Directing the speech and debate team gave me a reason to come to ACU, but the students are what keep me here.

What you expect from students: I think what makes my classroom unique is that I ask students to be a part of the learning experience.  For a student to succeed in my classroom they need to be present physically and mentally, need to be willing to interact with others, and need to demonstrate a willingness to work.

What you want to give your students: There are two things I would like to give my students, the gift of critical thinking and challenge them to grow in the Lord.

Personal: Jim and I have been married 17 years, our daughter Emily is 14 years old and our daughter Natalie is 11 years old. Jim and I were in Youth Ministry for 18 years, I love diet coke and chocolate, and I think my speech and debate kids are the best people in the world. This is my third year at ACU. 

Outside interests: Reading is my biggest hobby.  I read lots of the news, biographies and some fiction.  Another one of my hobbies is following my daughters around. Emily is in band and speech and debate, and Natalie plays clarinet in the band. 

Research Interests: Speech and debate, church dynamics, and online education.

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