Joseph J. Cardot, Ed.D.

Office: Sherrod-Don Morris, Rm 128
Address: ACU Box 28156, Abilene, TX, 79699
Phone: (325) 674-2136
Fax: (325) 674-6966






Q & A with Dr. Joseph J. Cardot 

Originally from: I grew up in Colorado, but have lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Washington. I attended Harding University from 1972-1976 (B.A. in Social Science), Western Kentucky University from 1978-1980 (M.S. in Communication), and Texas Tech University from 1982-1990 (Ed.D. in Instructional Communication).

Why you do what you do and why at ACU: I have a great job. I get to interact with some of the most talented students and faculty anywhere. I’m able to present material that I truly believe will help people become more effective soldiers in God’s Kingdom. I, also, get to present material more important than just Communication. Teaching is, for me, a calling that pulled me from the corporate world. The Bible tells us that teaching is a gift to be taken seriously. I believe God has blessed me with abilities to stimulate thinking, investigation, and critical analysis in others. ACU grants me the opportunity to touch lives that will touch others far beyond the professions, families, and communities they will be prepared to enter.

What you expect from students: I expect students to respect everyone around them; not necessarily because they deserve it, but because that is what God expects. We are all worth saving in God’s eyes. How can they be any different in my eyes? I also expect students to strive to do their best knowing that there will always be room for growth and improvement. The student who only gives enough to “get by” is wasting the talents God has given them and should be pitied. The extent to which we all strive to live up to God’s gifts, determines how we will treat ourselves and others.

What you want to give your students: I would like to give students a sense of accomplishment and success. I want them to have the understanding that their decisions and actions have consequences that will affect them, their families, and their relationship with God. Beyond that, I want to equip them to gather and evaluate information that allows for the best decisions. This, I believe, will prepare them for their chosen profession as well as for service in God’s Kingdom

Personal: Married, 2 grown children

Interests outside the classroom: Elder with South 11th Church of Christ, Bible class Teacher, reader, swimmer.

Research interests: Training and Development, nonverbal communication, intercultural communication, and Christian scholarship


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