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Office: Sherrod Building  214
Address: ACU Box 28156, Abilene, TX 79699
Phone: (325) 674-2191
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Q & A with Dr. Jonathan Camp

Originally from: I grew up right on the western edge of Amarillo, within sight of the infamous Cadillac ranch, with the aroma of the Wildorado feedlot wafting through my bedroom window.

Why you do what you do and why at ACU: I am at ACU because I think this university is at the leading edge of exploring new intersections of Christianity and Culture. I regard myself as a “secular Christian.” This means that I seek and expect to discover God’s work in this world, which requires that I not withdraw from the world, but instead be meaningfully engaged with it. ACU allows the intellectual freedom to explore what Christ-centered engagement with the world looks like. Not only that, but ACU also provides me with a community of fellow travelers.

What you expect from students: Come with an open mind for learning. If a student comes to the university with her or his mind already made up about [fill in the blank], then learning is not really possible. I call this “the Fortress of Certainty.” In that case, I view my role as one who asks the kinds of questions that gently chip away at the foundations. I think more growth in faith comes as a result of asking honest questions, rather than holding fast to untested answers. So, I expect my students to come with an open mind. And to laugh at my jokes.

What you want to give your students: A vision to make the world a better place without taking themselves, or me, too seriously.

Personal: My wife is Brenna Camp, who is a counselor and the most insightful and caring person I know. We are the parents of two boys, Ben and Will. Stories about my boys often find their way into my lessons on organizational power imbalances.

Interests outside of classroom: Most weekends and evenings you’ll find me outside in my garden, or grilling free range meat in the backyard, or inside reading narrative nonfiction, or walking my lab Ruger, or wrestling with my kids on the floor, or vegging out to "The Office", or building something, or playing in my country/folk band “The Invasive Species.”

We are members of Highland Church of Christ, involved with the Front Porch class and a small group. We also like to attend Heavenly Rest whenever we get a chance, especially during Advent/Christmas.

I spend as much time in Northern New Mexico as possible, especially during the Abilene heat.

Research interests: I’m interested in research that translates theory into action to advance justice and alleviate human suffering. I practice qualitative research from the critical tradition, which means that I seek to elicit the perspectives of marginalized people in ways that challenge the status quo.

My dissertation research focused on protecting human rights in medical research in Latin America, where I spent over a month interviewing parents of children with cancer in San Salvador. I’m still active in publishing out of that research.

A more recent research interest focuses on the Locavore Movement. Locavores are people who are committed to eating locally produced food as an alternative to an otherwise unsustainable and unhealthy industrial food system. I’m also the faculty advisor for a new club on campus, “The ACU Locavore Club.” One of our goals is to establish a community garden on campus.


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