COBA Study Abroad Programs

The deadline to apply for a COBA Global Scholarship has passed. Current, enrolled students will be able to apply for this scholarship in the fall semester of 2016.

2016 COBA Study Abroad Offerings

June 2016 — Oxford
Professors — David Perkins and Phil Vardiman
Courses Offered: 

  • MGMT 331: Operations Management (Perkins)
  • MGMT 330: Management and Organizational Behavior (Vardiman)
  • BUSA 419: International Business (Perkins & Vardiman)

July 2016 — Central America
Professors — Laura Phillips and Mark Phillips
Course Offered:

  • MGMT 419: Global Entrepreneurship
Oxford, England

COBA sends students and faculty to Oxford, England every summer to study in and enjoy the historic learning environment of this world-class educational destination. This is a popular program for sophomores, juniors and seniors, and we attempt to not only provide desirable courses for students to take, but also to envelop them in experienced-based activities where much of the learning takes place outside the classroom. Past experiences have included site visits with English companies, consulting projects for Oxfam, and guest lectures with renowned business scholars. Students have considerable freedom to explore the city of Oxford, as well as taking weekend trips to London and the European Continent. Course offerings in Oxford vary from year to year depending on the faculty leading the program, but every effort is made to teach courses required for all COBA majors as well as specialty courses that take advantage of the context provided by the British and European business communities.

Application for this program is made through the CIE office located in the Hardin Administration Building room 124.

Program Frequency and Length: Every summer, 4-5 weeks in duration.

Central America

COBA has a unique educational partnership with a mission-driven organization in rural Honduras named Mission Lazarus. Mission Lazarus is set high in the mountains of Southern Honduras, where cool breezes and stunning scenery give students a much-needed break from the typical heat of an American summer.  The organization views its purpose as glorifying God by growing His Kingdom through Educational, Medical, Agricultural, and Spiritual outreaches offered unconditionally and focused on Christ’s example of preaching through works. Partnering with Mission Lazarus allows business students (and other majors from across campus) to learn business and organizational skills while immersed in a rural mission setting. Traditional COBA classes are offered, but this unique context animates the academic material in a way that would be impossible in a typical classroom on campus. Group excursions to Nicaragua and Costa Rica complement the learning experiences.

Program Frequency and Length: Summers of even-numbered years, 2-3 weeks in duration.

China and Asia

It is not possible to overstate Asia’s importance to the global business community in the twenty-first century. This is particularly true of China, home to 1.3 billion people and producer of much of the goods used and consumed around the globe. Indeed, a business education that does not help students appreciate China’s role in the business world would certainly be deficient. COBA has multiple opportunities for students in Asia, and students will primarily study in Hong Kong, with possible excursions to mainland China, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Hong Kong provides an ideal base location, as it is distinctly Chinese, while still retaining the cosmopolitan influence that has made it an economic powerhouse and one of the world’s leading global cities. In addition, Hong Kong is clean, efficient, and exceptionally easy to get around, and past programs have been housed at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Program Frequency and Length: Summers of odd-numbered years, 2-4 weeks in duration.

Australia and the Pacific Rim

COBA has begun developing periodic study abroad programs to Australia and the Pacific Rim that meet high student demand and unique faculty interests and experiences. Based in Sydney, the economic heart of Australia, these programs combine academic coursework with field experiences in the city and around the country. Depending on the program, diversionary experiences may include places like Thailand and Singapore so that students have greater engagement with Asian culture and commerce. 

Program Frequency and Length: The Australia program is offered periodically, but likely at least once every two years, 3-4 weeks in duration.

London and Continental Europe

Programs are being planned to take advantage of business education opportunities in Europe that focus on single disciplines or concentrations. For instance, the Accounting and Finance department will take graduate accounting students to Europe in the summer of 2014. Other programs focused on entrepreneurship or international business are also likely, with programs based in London or ACU’s facilities in Leipzig, Germany. These programs occur periodically, but students will usually have at least 7-9 months advanced notice in order to facilitate scheduling and course work. 

Program Frequency and Length: Variable depending on location and academic focus.

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