Sterling Hilliard ('10) | College of Business Administration


Management major
from Midland, Texas

Q&A with Sterling

 Why did you decide to come to ACU?
I came because I wanted a smaller college with a faith based education. In my opinion, learning how to conduct business with faith will put me a step ahead. 
Did you always want to have a career in business? If no, why did you choose business as your major?
Yes, I have always been very interested in the business and especially the entrepreneurial side. My dad is an entrepreneur and his passion for it has rubbed off on me throughout the my life. 
What has been your opinion of COBA so far? What sets COBA apart as a department? COBA is far more than what I could have asked for it to be. It sets itself apart because of its professors. You will never meet professors like the ones in COBA. They care about how you are doing, and make an effort to make sure you succeed. COBA is innovative by offering classes outside of those on campus. They offer apprentice programs in Oxford, England and Leipzig, Germany and also the Leadership Summit course in Colorado.
Any favorite professors? If so, what makes them a favorite?
Mike Winegeart. I had him for Personal Selling and studied abroad with him in Germany. He continues to push me and wants to help me outside the classroom. He is an example of what a Christian businessman needs to strive for in the work place.
What do you plan to do after graduation?
I plan take a year off and then hopefully attend law school in the Fall of 2011. 

How has your experience at ACU affected your faith or shaped you as a person? 
ACU, and the people here at ACU, have shown me the one thing that truly matters: our relationship with Christ. The good grades, great friends, having a good time, and making money are all great, but none of that will matter if my walk with God is not where it needs to be. With Christ by my side, all that good stuff will come anyways.

Have you been involved in Study Abroad or the Honors College? If so, what was your experience there?
I have studied abroad twice. I spent a semester in Oxford, England and one month in the summer in Leipzig, Germany. England was a great way to really get involved and learn what the culture is truly like.  I went to Germany with COBA and we focused on learning about international business. We developed an entire marketing plan for a woman's professional basketball team and presented to their owner and board. Both experiences were incredible and a blessing. 

Any additional comments?
I say this all the time, although I have been on two study abroad trips, the experience I treasure most at ACU has been Leadership Summit with COBA in Colorado. I don't understand why, but God moves in ways there that are life changing. The lessons you learn there are things that you are guaranteed to use.

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