2012 Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists for the 2012 Springboard Ideas Challenge!

College Division
Team Name / Members Business Description


Todd Selby

Aponics grows vegetables in areas where the climate is not suited for outdoor growth. Aponics uses a controllable, self-reliant system that is similar to hydroponics; however, the nutrients are provided not by chemicals poured into the water, but by edible fish raised in a tank, which is a system called Aquaponics. Through Aponics, year round supplies of produce will be available to communities that are currently having to ship the products in from other areas.

Biz Gripe

Laura Benson

Biz Gripe solutions is a social web application that assists entrepreneurs, innovators, project champions and others in creating business models and delivering effective lean business plans based on real problems supplied by users.

Can I Borrow This?

Joseph Quigley

An online and mobile service where friends, families, and even strangers can safely borrow and loan items, such as electronics, cookware, books, vehicles or instruments from other people with or without collateral.

Double Impact Socks

Eldad Campbell

Double Impact is a new company that will provide high quality, customizable athletic socks to college athletic teams. We specialize in making tailor-made socks displaying an athlete's name and school logo. Our products help our clients add that fashion element to their footwear while providing added support and comfort.


Peter Kenna

The idea of iGamer is to bring the world of serious portable gaming to iOS, and possibly other, mobile devices. The initial focus would be on the development of a gamepad peripheral for integration with iPod touch and iPhone.


Nigel Bosch

Nascent aims to provide a series of online lessons and exercises about computer programming, at a level easily understood by high school students and other beginner programmers. Exercises are automatically evaluated to provide instant feedback for users and to make the grading process easy for any teachers using the curriculum.

Passel Talk

Nigel Bosch

PasselTalk will provide an easy way for groups of people to voice chat with each other online by simply visiting the PasselTalk website, without the burden of installing any software. Everyone from gamers to businesses can benefit from the ability to easily set up a conference call in seconds.

Stars of Style

Ashley Grisham

StarOfStyle.com is a social network that creates a gateway for instant shopping while encouraging every user to be known on a celebrity level by earning the title “star stylist” or “expert critic” just by expressing their own personal style and opinion.

Thick Rimmed Productions

Lauren Mesaros & 
Joseph Quigley

Thick-Rimmed Productions seeks to impact the world of education with video games on various platforms, reaching out to players of all ages. The initial emphasis for these games will be on improving awareness and knowledge about nutrition and healthy lifestyles in simple, fun, interactive ways.

VEW Composting

Wiepie Rojas, 
Van Dexter Duez, 
Erik Ringle

Our business will provide the services, equipment, knowledge, and certification needed to complete the process of converting ACU dining organic waste into material suitable for landscaping purposes as handled by Physical Resources.
Community Division
Team Name / Members Business Description

ADHD Abilene

Richard Ellis

We intend to expand the current ADHD Neurofeedback clinic that opened in May of 2011 to a network of 10 clinics across cities of at least 100,000 in Texas. The purpose of the clinics is to provide neurofeedback therapy for children and adolescents with ADHD and dyslexia.

Bucley Group

Robert Blasingame & Jimmy Buchanan

Promoting and selling the Sharps Terminator for safe disposal of sharps in the medical field.

Count On It Apps

Mitzi Adams & 
Clement Ho

Count On It Apps released its first app in late January. The app was developed following research in a second grade classroom investigating the relationship between subitizing and strengthening basic addition fact automaticity. Additional products for Count On It Apps are being considered for development.

Greenbox Floral

Luke Harwell & 
Nathan Harwell

Greenbox Floral, LLC (Greenbox) will make the local florist’s cooler viewable to the world through an online portal featuring real-time photos of actual floral designs in actual coolers ready for actual gifting.

Green Pod

Justin Pollack & 
Chris Gastelum

A concept designed out of respect for the environment, closing the loop to nature, and utilizing biodegradable coffee pods. Bringing change through "Green" technology.

iPrepare Academy

Jason Morris

The iPrep Academy will focus on offering content- rich 2 day seminars that 1) assist international undergraduates with the application process into competitive graduate-level academic programs in the U.S. and 2) assist international students with experienced-based opportunities in the U.S as part of their visa approved Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Life Renovations

Tracy Fleet & 
Rohit Saxena

Life Renovations, in partnership with Medi-Code, (a technology firm out of Houston) plan to provide a solution within the field of mental healthcare in light of the upcoming Affordable Healthcare Act of 2014. The overall goal is to offer higher quality of services provided within a system that creates streamlined efficiency and cost-effectiveness by allowing patients to obtain all levels of mental healthcare at one easily accessible location.

Precept Water

Art Green

Introduce to the market a newly developed technology for cooling tower systems which has the ability to conserve millions of gallons of water compared to currently available technology and has the added benefit of being an environmentally friendly process.

Slippery Slope

Brent Reeves

Connecting automotive all-wheel-drive anti-slip mechanisms to common server to automatically identify specific hazardous road condition areas.


Joseph Plagge & 
Jimmy Schaeffer

We are creating SSG as a way to give back. By bringing consumers and merchants together we are able to help others through a unique loyalty rewards and marketing program. We bring savings to SSG cardholders, loyal customers to local businesses, and funds to local and international non-profit organizations.