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We're excited to host Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, as COBA’s spring 2016 Distinguished Speaker.

Pat was named to become CEO of VMware September 2012. VMware is the worldwide leader in virtualization and cloud computing technologies with 2014 revenues of $6 billion, the 4th largest software company in the world. VMware is known for their radical innovations in virtualization software that have created enormous efficiency for data centers and is a critical foundation for all cloud & mobile services. VMware is enabling businesses to transform to be Software Defined Enterprises with their in the Software Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud computing and PC and Mobile device computing.

Prior to this, Pat was head of EMC’s Infrastructure and Products Group in September of 2009. This group is responsible for all of EMC’s products including storage, data analytics, security, management and data protection products, analytics and the large majority of EMC’s revenue. Under his leadership, EMC’s growth has accelerated, they crossed $20 billion in 2012 and have expanded from their storage heritage emerging as a transformative player in cloud, big data and trust.

Prior to joining EMC, his 30 year career with Intel, the world’s largest computer chip maker, reads like a fairy tale: 15 promotions in 15 years. Along the way, he managed the development of the 80486 and Pentium Pro and many other microprocessors. In 1990, PC Magazine voted him “Person of the Year”. He became the company’s youngest Vice President, at age 31. He was Intel’s first-ever Chief Technology Officer driving numerous key standards for the industry including USB, PCI Express and WiFi. At age 40, he became a Senior Vice President. In his last role at Intel, he led the Digital Enterprise Group which was responsible for all server, desktop, communications, embedded and graphics product and over half of Intel’s revenue. He led the effort to revitalize Intel’s product line; the result was the extremely well regarding product family of Nehalem/Westmere microprocessor. This resulted in the Core and Xeon family products which restored Intel’s leadership position.

Ron Smith, the man who interviewed him for his first job at Intel wrote this description of Pat: “Smart, aggressive, arrogant– he’ll fit right in.” This determination has allowed him to excel in his career but it often caused him to neglect his family. After several “wake-up calls” in his life, Pat realized he needed to bring some balance to his life. In fact, he ended up writing a book entitled, “Balancing Family, Faith and Work” published by Cook Ministries in 2003 and a second edition “Juggling Act” published in 2008.

Pat has authored more than 20 technical publications including the foundational “Programming the 80386”. He holds 6 technical patents. He holds: an A.A. degree from Lincoln Technical Institute; a B.S. from Santa Clara University; and a M.S. from Stanford University, all in electrical engineering. He was made a Fellow of the IEEE in 2008. Pat received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from William Jessup University in 2009.

Pat is involved with a range of Charities and is currently spearheading the formation of TBC, “Transforming the Bay with Christ”, an effort to bring unity to the Christian community to serve the Bay area and expand the church throughout the bay area. He preaches and teaches on occasions and speaks regularly on work life balance in a variety of church, business and international settings.

Pat is married to Linda and they have four adult children Elizabeth, Josiah, Nathan and Micah and two daughter-in-law’s Carly and Rachael and two granddaughters Georgiana and Alice. He also enjoys skiing, golf, racquetball, running, biking and time with his wife, kids and grandkids.

Join us on March 22 for the Distinguished Speaker Series luncheon beginning at 11:45 a.m. in the Hunter Welcome Center. To purchase tickets, please click on this link. If you have questions about the event, please email M.C. Jennings at

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