“The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” Psalm 9:9


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ACU at CitySquare places students in transformative learning experiences.  These points of connection include both undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs.  They are both curricular and co-curricular experiences.  And they involve both new and existing programs.  These points of connection will come from each of ACU’s Colleges, involve many departments and student life programs.

Student learning and formation through ACU at CitySquare takes many different forms.  We refer to these different forms of learning and formation as engagements.  These engagements include projects, courses, internships and practica, formative experiences, and degree programs. You can follow student engagement through ACU at CitySquare on this site.


The Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Degree at ACU allows students to combine multiple areas of study as a part of an interdisciplinary studies team engaging justice and urban poverty. We refer to this as the Justice and Urban Studies Team (JUST).


At CitySquare, ACU students have the opportunity to engage in internships and practica across multiple departments.  Some of these internship possibilities include management, information technology, spiritual life, community health service, work paths, nurture knowledge and nutrition, law center, public policy, and community development.


Courses offered at CitySquare offer the opportunity for in-context learning so that the boundary between the traditional classroom and the world are more permeable.  ACU at CitySquare courses occur in multiple formats – short courses, online courses, or hybrid courses are a few examples.


ACU at CitySquare provides the context for course projects and research. Both graduate and undergraduate ACU students engage in meaningful research that advances student learning and benefits the mission of CitySquare.


ACU at CitySquare engages undergraduate students in hands-on leadership development which results in greater self-awareness, stronger inter-cultural understanding and a clearer sense of Christian vocation.