“The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” Psalm 9:9


ACU at CitySquare places students in transformative learning experiences – both undergraduate and graduate degrees, curricular and co-curricular experiences, new and existing programs.


For the past two years, ACU faculty, staff, administrators, and even students have been exploring how learning in a context like CitySquare might extend, enrich, and deepen student learning and formation as participants in the mission of God in the world.


The partnership between ACU and CitySquare provides the location and occasion for a transformative educational experience across multiple disciplines in the university.

M.S. in
Social Work

Certificate in Medical Family Therapy

Dietetic Internship

ACU at CitySquare equips students to live incarnationally as the hands and feet of Jesus in the world’s most vulnerable places.

Latest news

Honors students collaborate with CitySquare

A hand-picked group of 15 freshmen from the 135 Honors students were chosen to be a part of an urban and justice studies team. All are pursuing an interdisciplinary degree.

ACU partners with CitySquare to fight poverty

ACU has launched a partnership with Dallas nonprofit CitySquare that will provide ACU students with a hands-on learning experience and the opportunity to use their talents to fight poverty.

Student Stories

From Julie Johnson (Junior from Ft. Worth)

“While in Dallas, our learning comes not only from textbooks and in-class discussions, but also from experiences, projects, and relationships formed through our investment in various communities of Dallas.”

During her sophomore year, Julie served as a member of the Justice and Urban Studies Team (JUST), a program through the Honors College at Abilene Christian University that gives students the opportunity to engage the problem of urban poverty through hands-on learning. She and members of her team worked collectively to guide over 220 elementary and middle-school students to identify specific problems in their communities, imagine solutions, carry out a project to change the problem, and share their results to their community to inspire more change.

Meet the faculty

Dr. Stephen Johnson Vice President for Academic Affairs - ACU Dallas

Dr. Jaime Goff Marriage and Family Therapy

Dr. Stephanie Hamm Social Work