“The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” Psalm 9:9

Degrees offered at CitySquare

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The emerging partnership between ACU and CitySquare includes three degree plans that allow students to spend all or a portion of their learning experience living and working in Dallas with CitySquare, while fully integrated with ACU.


The Justice and Urban Studies Team (J.U.S.T.) program brings together ACU students from a variety of majors and departments and connects their degree with the CitySquare program in Dallas. The program enhances learning as students apply their knowledge and talents to the problem of urban poverty. Each successive year in the J.U.S.T. program will incorporate a greater degree of interaction with CitySquare than the preceding year and allows students to integrate theories learned in the classroom with practice in the real world.

Certificate in Medical Marriage and Family Therapy

The Certificate in Medical Family Therapy is a 15-hour post-graduate certificate program that emphasizes family therapy in medical settings. A combination of online coursework and field practicum experiences provides MFT professionals with additional training to expand their practice into medical settings. The three-year degree will focus on family therapy as it relates to medical needs and challenges and will be based at CitySquare in Dallas.