“The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” Psalm 9:9

Courses offered at CitySquare

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ACU courses offered at CitySquare provide opportunities for in-context learning so that the boundary between the traditional classroom and the world is more permeable. ACU at CitySquare courses occur in multiple formats, such as short courses, online courses or hybrid courses.

SOCW 615/616 Applied Social Work Experience

ACU’s School of Social Work has partnered with CitySquare to help end poverty in Dallas. Ten students and three faculty have developed a plan based on the needs of CitySquare. Two of these students have already taken SOCW 615/616, a research class, and are completing a practicum at CitySquare while living on-site in Dallas for a year. The other eight students will be conducting research from Abilene.

POLS 420 Public Service

The Jack Pope Fellows Program gives students pursuing careers in public service opportunities to learn about public service in the classroom, attend special lectures, gain practical experience in public service, and participate in service activities. In May 2013, POLS 420: Public Service will be offered exclusively for Pope Fellows in Dallas at City Square. The seminar provides an intensive introduction to the study of public service with special emphasis on fundamental problems and issues facing practitioners and critical analysis of significant works.