Briana Ribble ('09) | Teacher Education

briana ribble

Secondary social studies education major 
from Arvada, Colorado 

Briana Ribble found the best of both worlds at ACU - a campus small enough to feel like home and a university large enough to take her far beyond her own life experiences.

Briana had decided on a Christian university setting, but she wasn't sure which one. She wasn't too keen on leaving her home state of Colorado, but she found something at ACU that proved to be irresistible.

My life has bloomed since coming to ACU because of the opportunities that I have been given and taken advantage of. I have grown more as a student, as a teacher and as a follower of Christ.

Once I came and visited the campus, I was immediately drawn in and was amazed by the friendliness and hospitality that was shown towards me," she said.

Briana, who is on track to graduate in May with a secondary education degree in social studies, didn't waste any time discovering what ACU had to offer.

An avid traveler, she quickly seized on the opportunity to see two vastly different parts of the world — China and England. The first opportunity came in 2007 when Briana spent the spring semester in Oxford as part of ACU's study abroad program.

That adventure allowed her to take two history classes and one government class. She would study and listen to lectures during the week. "And then the next weekend, I traveled to the battlefield or the palace to see where it actually happened," Briana said.

The experience also gave Briana the opportunity to collect post cards, photos, and souvenirs that she will one day use in a classroom. "The trip definitely prepared me for teaching social studies!" she said.

Chance to teach in China

Not much could top a trip like that - unless it's the opportunity to teach English to Chinese children in Beijing during a summer session.

That's exactly what Briana did last summer when she and seven other students joined faculty members Dr. Sam Stewart and Stephanie Talley for four weeks in Beijing. The students taught children in first through sixth grades at the International Academy of Beijing.

The ACU students were responsible for doing their own planning, preparation, grading and communicating with parents, while the two faculty members evaluated them in the classroom.

That experience was a deal-clincher for Briana. She was drawn to teaching because her own teachers had given her a passion for learning and had made a difference in her life.

"I wanted to be the same kind of person," she said.

The China experience gave her the confidence she needed to be in front of a classroom and to know that she has what it takes to be a good teacher. The setting may have been different, but Briana was able to draw on the concepts she learned in her ACU classes and apply them to a classroom in Beijing.

As one of Briana's professors, Stephanie Talley, puts it: "Good teaching is good teaching is good teaching."

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