Matt Davis ('09) | Teacher Education


All-level special education major 
from Meridian, California

A baseball scholarship lured Matt Davis away from his California home to the ACU campus. Score that one as a home run.

Matt found more than a beautiful playing field, a first-rate coach and a top-notch team at ACU. "I came here to play baseball and ended up making life-long friends and finding out what my true passion was," he said.

Turns out his true passion was teaching special education, a passion that was nurtured by watching his mother work with special needs kids. Matt has an interesting observation about his decision to get a degree in special education.

I have grown more as a person, spiritually and relationally, in the past three years than I did the first 20 years of my life.

"Teaching was something I was always doing but never knew it," he said.

Matt expects to graduate in May and begin a career in teaching. He knows that when he walks away with his diploma, he will be taking much more with him than a piece of paper. And that's one of the main reasons he is happy that he chose ACU.

Experiences at other colleges taught him that some schools focus solely on preparing students to get a job. That's a good thing, Matt readily acknowledges, but he knows it's not enough. ACU professors go beyond job preparation.

"ACU cares about how it is done," he said. "And they care about getting you prepared in all facets of life and not only in your career."

Matt already has job opportunities, but he hasn't made a decision yet. Wherever he goes, he knows he will be ready. Matt didn’t expect to get the opportunity to teach his own class in China when he accepted that baseball scholarship.

But thanks to a program at ACU, he and seven other students taught for a month at the International Academy of Beijing under the supervision of two ACU faculty members.

The ACU students wrote their lesson plans, did their own grading, and communicated with parents while their professors observed. That head-first dive into his chosen career left Matt prepared and ready to go to work.

No way he's going to strike out.

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